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Malacca 2013 and Baking Shops in Malacca (Malaysia)

Two weeks back, I took a trip to Malacca with the favourite boy. It was kinda like my graduation trip and also a getaway for the both of us. We took a 4 day 3 night trip to Malacca with Luxury Tours. We paid merely $179 per pax for coach & hotel stay in Hotel Equatorial. 24 hours worth of wifi was RM25. Hotel Equatorial's one of our favourite hotels to stay in. We were privileged to get a free upgrade to the Premier Room which we love to bits.

This is us on the coach up!

And a vain shot of myself..

One of the best things we LOVE to do when we're in Malaysia is to EAT! The cheap & good food is pretty much tough to resist.

Please click on to read more! (:

One of the places we'd always dine at when we're there is Kenny Rogers. 

This meal at Kenny Rogers merely cost us RM60+!

We'd also play at this arcade that we love.

These were the 5 babies we brought home! 

And of course, I love hotel breakfast!

As a treat, we'd also order desserts from the hotel's cafe
I just LOVE fruit tarts!

We also had dinner at a really cheap Zi Char place for only SGD$16!

Luxuries also come in the form of room service..

Here's another vain shot! 

This was our dinner at Nandos.. and they simply served the softest tenderest chicken breasts I have ever had! It was even softer than the chicken thigh!

Not forgetting A&W..

And cheap sushi for nibbles before we left Malacca.. All these costing us only RM60

We ate a lot and rested a lot. We watched a lot of TV too! Caught Red-Handed and Top Chef: Just Desserts were our 2 favourite programmes to watch the nights we were there. So as you can tell, we ate a lot XD

Anyway, I've been doing a fair bit of research for baking shops in Malacca and since we were there, I decided to hunt down one of the shop mentioned by some others on the internet. Another location was recommended by the concierge of the hotel. There are 2 locations that I'm covering in this entry: 

1) Jalan Kg Jawa

This street is a small distance from Kampong Kling Mosque. It is rather run down with some shops on both side. However, this place is great if you're looking for great quality moulds for Min Jiang Kueh, Kueh Bolu & Koi moulds. I got 3 Min Jiang Kueh moulds that are suitable both for the stove and the oven for merely RM12.

The shops along this stretch also sells some basic plastic cookie moulds (the traditional pineapple tart type) as well as basic baking tins. They sell lovely motar and pestle and charcoal stove that I wanted to bring back home to badly but that wasn't the best thing to do when we were to take a coach back to Singapore.

This is the lovely shop that I purchased my Ming Jian Kueh moulds from a lovely aunty who's old enough to be my grandma! I had a really nice chat with her and she even gave me some tips on ways to maintain the moulds. 

We then strolled to the other location just a couple of streets away. 

I love the colourful buildings!

2) Kin Hin, 89: Jalan Temenggong, 75000, Melaka  75000, Malaysia
+60 6-292 6981

Two shop houses on their own, it's similar to Phoon Huat in Singapore.. but the older/less stocked version. It's lovely though for cake tins and such. They also carry cheap cream cheese and butter (just like JB!). I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.

This is one half of the shops which is slightly newer.

This is the entrance.

This half is older and has loads of packaging sold.

They have pretty decently prices stuff as compared to Singapore's baking shops/bakeware shops.

Have fun in Malacca! (:

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