Friday, July 13, 2018

Baby Friendly Cynthia's Alfredo

This is one extremely tasty recipe I love to bits (: The fresh pasta I used helped enhance the taste of the dish. I'd rate this dish a difficulty level 3 out of 5 and it'd take 30 mins to prepare.

Baby Friendly Cynthia's Alfredo Recipe
This recipe serves 2 - 3 pax

1 chicken leg, cut into bite sized pieces
1 carrot, cut into strips
1/2 pack shinmeiji mushrooms, cut into bite sized pieces 
1/2 broccoli, cut into bite sized pieces
2 portions of tagliatelle (I used fresh ones) 
1/2 cup shredded parmesan (from block)
150ml to 200ml cooking cream
1 chunky English sausage, cut into chunks
2 egg yolks
Garlic powder
Dried mixed herb
Black pepper 
Olive oil

1. Stir fry chicken with olive oil, dried herbs, black pepper and garlic powder.
2. Add sausage and stir fry.
3. Add carrot and mushroom and cook for 2 mins or so.
4. Add broccoli and stir fry for 2 mins.
5. Add cream and mix well. Add black pepper and garlic powder. 
6. Add cheese and egg yolks. Mix well.
7. Cook for another min or so.. add cooked and drained pasta.
8. Mix well and serve!
9. Enjoy!

Baby Friendly Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

This rice cooker chicken rice was highly recommended by Angie. I tried it and we loved it. I cooked a soup to go with it as well as long bean eggs.

Adriel loves soup and he is seen using the B.Box cup here. It has a straw that is stuck to the side of the cup and handles for the cup for independent drinking of soup (: 

Anyway, this recipe is easy, takes about 15 minutes to prepare given that the rice cooker does the rest of the work. I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5. 

Baby Friendly Rice Cooker Chicken Rice
This recipe serves 2 - 3 pax

1 cup rice
1 bulb garlic
2 - 3 chicken legs
sesame oil
2 pandan leaves, knotted
stock (3 cups for the low GI rice I used, 1.5 cups or a little lesser for Jasmine rice)

1. Washed rice thrice. 
2. Smash 1 bulb of garlic (8 to 10 pcs) and remove skin and base
3. Added stock and pandan leaves. 
4. Added a drizzle of sesame oil.
5. Cook as per white rice function.
6. Serve and enjoy! 

The soup I cooked together with lunch (:

A simple long bean egg (: 

Baby Friendly Pumpkin Sauce Pasta

I found an easy way to make pasta sauce 🤣 
Steam some cubed pumpkin/butternut squash for 7 to 10 mins. Mash. Stir in cooked pasta. Sprinkle some dried herbs like parsley and you're good to go! It tasted naturally sweet and Adriel loved it!

Baby Friendly 1 Pot Tomato Rice

This is a really simple 1 pot/rice cooker rice and it tasted really good! I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and let the rice cooker do the works. Adriel loves this and so do I even though I'm on a low carb diet XD 

Baby Friendly 1 Pot Tomato Rice

1.5 cups rice 
1/2 broccoli, diced
1 carrot, diced
1/3 pack shinmeiji mushrooms, diced
4 cloves of garlic
2 cups water mixed with chicken stock (I used 1.5 cups stock and 0.5 cups water, use all chicken stock if stock is home cooked)
200g beef slices
1 chicken leg
1 tomato, marked with a X the top

Put all into rice cooker and cook as per white rice function! Yummy! 😍

Baby Friendly Oyakudon

This is a simple dish that Adriel surprisingly likes! It's pretty simple to cook too!
I'd rate it a difficulty level 3 out of 5 and it takes about 30 minutes to cook, given that rice is cooked. 

Adriel loves it (: He ate the meat and veg via a preloaded spoon.

Baby Friendly Oyakydon Recipe
This recipe serves 2-3 pax

2 onions, sliced
1/2 broccoli 
2 chicken thighs, cubed
1 pack bonito flakes + hot water OR stock 
2 eggs


1. Fry onions with olive oil till slightly translucent.

2. Add chicken and fry for 2 mins.

3. Add stock/bonito flakes + enough hot water to cover ingredients.
4. Put lid on and boil for 5 mins with lid on.

5. Add broccoli and boil for another 3 mins with lid on.

6. Add egg and boil for 2 more mins without lid.
(Ensuring that egg is cooked through for babies/toddlers)
6. Enjoy!

Baby Friendly 1 Pan Udon

I love 1 pan dishes and here is a rendition I love! 

It takes about 20 minutes to prepare and I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5.

Baby Friendly 1 Pan Udon
This recipe feeds 2-3 pax

 200g Ground beef
4 -5 pieces of da bai cai, sliced
1/2 packet white button mushroom, sliced
1 carrot, sliced, 
1 packet Enoki mushroom
 1 egg, fried in sheet form
1/2 broccoli 
 1 piece udon (frozen from don don donki) or 1 to 2 packs of regular udon
  Tesco's garlic bread spices (salt free) or any dried herbs you like
garlic powder 
black pepper 
olive oil

1. Fry egg with some olive oil in a sheet form and slice
2. In the hot pan with olive oil,  fry mushroom till softened. 
3. Add minced beef. Season with herbs, garlic powder and black pepper.
4. Add in all vegetables and Enoki mushroom, stir fry and cook for 4 mins.
5. Add in udon and cook for time required in package. 
6. Season with black pepper, herbs and garlic powder.
7. Serve. 

Baby Friendly Creamy Pasta

This recipe was highly raved by mama Angie in the BLW group that I'm in. Original recipe is from Mother Queen Z. The sauce is really creamy but it was well liked by hubby. It was okay for Adriel but way too creamy for my liking. Then again, you may like it so here I am to share it (:

This recipe takes 30 minutes to prepare and I'd rate it a difficulty level 3 out of 5. 

Baby Friendly Creamy Pasta
This recipe feeds 2 - 3 pax

6oz fresh milk
10g plain flour
20g grated cheese
10g cream cheese
50g broccoli, cut into bite sized portions
1 carrot, sliced
1 stalk of celery, sliced
Olive oil
cooked pasta, enough for 2-3 pax
garlic powder
dried herb of choice (oregano, rosemary all work)

1. Cook olive oil, milk and flour on low heat till it thickens.
2. Add in cheeses and mix well.  
3. Add in garlic powder and dried herb.
4. Add in veggie and reduce heat. Enable vegetables to cook through. You may choose to boil/steam it beforehand too.
5. Add in pasta and serve.
6. Enjoy! 

Baby Friendly Salmon Fried Rice

Adriel loves rice. His first try of this salmon fried rice had him having 3 servings non stop cos he just loved it so much! (: I love adding lots of ingredients to it so here's my rendition.

I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5 and it takes about 30 mins to prepare, given that rice has already been cooked.

Baby Friendly Salmon Fried Rice Recipe
Serves 3 - 4

1 cup rice, cooked and cooled (I prefer overnight rice but if that is a concern for you, cook it, cool it, refrigerate it for a few hours and use it. Overnight rice seems to be tastier for fried rice!)
200g salmon, diced
1/2 corn, diced
4 - 5 pieces of long bean, diced
1/2 box white button mushroom, diced
1 carrot, diced
6 prawns, diced (optional)
4 eggs
Olive oil
black pepper
garlic powder (optional)

1. Heat up olive oil in pan. 
2. Stir fry mushroom till softened.
3. Add in all corn, long bean, carrot and prawns and stir fry.
4. Add rice and stir fry, breaking rice up.
5. Mix eggs and pour evenly into rice.
6. Stir fry, ensuring that rice is coated as evenly as possible.
7. Add salmon. Fry. Season with black pepper. Add garlic powder if you fancy. I LOVE GARLIC POWDER (: 
8. Enjoy! 

Adriel sure loves his fried rice! (: 

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