Customised Bakes

So, as a friend suggested, I should share the stuff that I've baked! So as I've been journeying for a while now and played with a variety of baked goods, it's my pleasure to present you with my Customised Bakes! (:

Berries Cheesecake!

Shayna's 4th birthday... A barbie doll cake!

Spiderman themed cupcakes!

Rainbow Pushpops

Spiderman Rainbow Cake

Another Hello Kitty Cake

 Spiderman themed cupcakes

Egg Custard Buns

 Berries Cheesecake

 Strawberry Cheesecake

Cranberry Cheesecake
 Rainbow Strawberry Cheesecake

Ribena Cheesecake

 Easy Chocolate Banana Cake

 Mango Strawberry Cheesecake

 Mini Mango Strawberry Cheesecake

Mango Strawberry Cheesecake

 Ombre Stacks

Oreo Cheesecake

Neko Bus for the HTB's birthday

 Maltesers Cake for my sister's birthday
 No-bake Fruit Tart

 Red Velvet Roses

Red Velvet Roses

Mini Oreo Cheesecake

Tatty Bear Cake

Rainbow Hearts

Elmo Cake

Minion Cake

Veggietales Cake


Eggless Baileys Tiramisu

Strawberry Cheesecake

Twisted Strawberry Shortcake for my 24th birthday

Doraemon Rainbow Cake

Doraemon Steamed Cakes

The Ultimate Rainbow Cake

Beautiful layers for a rainbow cake!

The Ultimate Rainbow Cake! 

Chantilly Chocolat for a birthday

Mango Temptation

Mango Petals for my sister's birthday (2013)

Rilakuma Peach Roll for Gwen's Joy

Chocolat Surprise for Adrian 

A Hello Kitty two-tiered cake for Shi Yim's girl: Rui En (:

Banana Chantilly Chocolat

Blueberry Cupcake Bouquet for my mum (Mother's Day 2013)

Blueberry Cupcake Bouquet for my MIL-to-be (Mother's Day 2013)

Nutella Macarons

Mango Mousse Pink Ombre Hundred & Thousand Roses

Vanilla bean cake with fresh mango Orange Ombre Hundred & Thousand Roses

Lemon Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Surprise

Pandan Kaya Cake for mum's 2013

Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Pushpops

Red Velvet Cupckes

Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cuppies

Red Velvet Pushpops

Strawberry Roll

Blueberry No Bake Cheesecake

Ribbon Mango Nutella Swiss Roll

Marshmallow Pops for my tutees during Children's Day 2012

Choco Ganache Cake for Bryna's Office

Mega Fruit Tart for Bryna's Office

Peach & Mango Tart for Shi Yim

Hello Kitty Cake for Caen (Shi Yim's girl)

Pandan Kaya Cake for the Cell Group members' birthday party in November 2012

Pandan Kaya Cups

Mango Mousse Cake with Toasted Almonds for Christina, Christmas 2012

Choco Ganache Cake for Hui Yi

Pink Ombre Strawberry Shortcake for the mama-to-be's birthday, 2013

Hello Kitty Strawberry Shortcake for Jessica's boss

Dear Daniel Choco Cake for Daniel (Eugenia)

Plain sponge with choco ganache cake for Ru Tian & Marcus' Elkan's 1st birthday

Choc ganache cake for Mavis' 16th in 2012

Rainbow Cake with Kit-Kats & M&Ns for Yinteen's 2012

Mango Mousse Log Cake for Sharron's family

Yam Kaya Cake for Dad's 2012

Black Forest Domo-kun Cake for Joey's 2012

Chocolate Mango Cake for Dad's 2011

Cubed Mango Mousse Cake for papa-to-be's 2011

Chocolate Banana Cake for mama-to-be's 2011

Chocolate Ganache Cake with Toasted Almonds for Joe/Ivy

Chocolate Ganache Cake with Toasted Almonds for Joe/Ivy

Lemon Swiss Meringue Buttercream Rainbow Cake for Mon's friend's birthday


  1. Hi Cynthia

    How you do the Marshmallow Pops ???

    1. Hello Kelle,

      I melted some white compound choc and coloured them with wilton gel food colouring before dipping the marshmallow into the choc (: Then I sprinkled the decor before the choc set (:

  2. Hello!!! You're so li hai!!! I just realized you're a fren's fren of mine!


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