Time with Cynthia [Tutorial & Tips]

Posts with asterisk (*) as those that are popular
  1. *Folding of cake batter using bare hands [Video inclusive]
  2. *Removal of chiffon cake by hand [Video inclusive]
  3. *Folding of chiffon cake batter using bare hands [Video inclusive]
  4. *Creaming/Frosting a round cake [Video inclusive]
  5. *Piping Roses (Ombre Hundred & Thousand Roses) [Video inclusive]
  6. Lining a round baking tin
  7. Homemade Pandan Extract
  8. *Honey Lemon Detox
  9. Poaching an egg [Video inclusive]
  10. Slicing cake layers [Video inclusive]
  11. Whisking non-dairy whipping cream to stiff peaks [Video inclusive]
  12. Wrapping rice dumplings [Video inclusive]
  13. Colouring whipping cream [Video inclusive] 
  14. Snowskin mooncakes [Video inclusive]
  15. Tuxedo Cake Design Tutorial  
  16. Vietnamese Spring Roll Tutorial [Video inclusive]
  17. Chocolate Raspberry Tart Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  18. Cynthia's Ribena Cheesecake Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  19. Cynthia's Rainbow Strawberry Cheesecake Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  20. Cynthia's Mango Strawberry Cheesecake Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  21. Cynthia's Nutella Cheesecake Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  22. Cynthia's Oreo Cheesecake Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  23. Cynthia's Cranberry Cheesecake Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  24. Cynthia's Mango Cheesecake Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]
  25. Meringue Roses Tutorial (no-bake) [Video inclusive]


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  2. Hi Cynthia! So interesting to read your website, full of helpful tips! Can I seek advice from you? My oven broke down..... Any recommendation for a table top oven? So many models out there, I am lost. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ping! Thanks! I used a Cornell 28 litre table top oven and it worked really well for me.. you may wanna consider it?


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