Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last day of my September Holidays

It's the last day of my September vacation and truth be told, I was getting quite comfy not having to work for a week! I was thrown into a little confusion over the change of schedule this weekend. It made me realise how I'm one who needs to know what I'm gonna do even though I do I have my impromptu moments. 

Anyway, I purchased this Groupon voucher for lunch at Chicken Hotpot some time ago and the voucher was expiring today! So I had mummy head to Nex for lunch with me. This Groupon is like a bonus for me cos I love the food from Chicken Hotpot even without the Groupon. It's one of those food my BFFs love! We used to have lunch here together rather often! 

I love the Sze Chaun veg from the restaurant. I don't usually like these veg but theirs is just so refreshing and good. 

This is the famed classic dish that most people order. It's their classic chicken hotpot with three choices of spiciness. It has a good thick gravy that is rich and flavourful. When it reduces, we usually add chicken stock to it and eat it steamboat style! 

Here's the special Prawn hotpot that's spicy (there's 2 options of heat) with fries! Yes you got me right, there's fries in this hotpot! It may sound really weird but it's just really good. 

Their prices can be a little steep ($18 bucks or so for a small hotpot) but its good as a treat! It made mummy and I very happy and filled! (: 

Mummy and I then headed to my Aunty's place as it's my Grandpa's death anniversary. It has been 25 years. He passed on a month before I was born. Mummy went through a lot during her pregnancy with me. Dengue, chickenpox, my grandpa's passing on. My mum's just a really amazing woman. 

I also got to meet my cousin who's already more than a year old for the very first time. His mummy's Thai and daddy's local and he is beautiful! (: 

I love the rainy day we had in Seranangoon today. I had another attempt at Egg Custard Buns. It was my 4th attempt. I have finally managed to get it right! Recipe's up on the blog (: 

Bread making can be really fun but yet I don't like the waiting. Maybe it's just me. I'm just rather impatient. 

Therefore, I'm just really thankful that I have managed to succeed in working out a great recipe for these Egg Custard Buns! (: 

To wrap up the night, I headed out to Phoon Huat with Sharron! She came to pick up some buns (sharing is caring!) and whisked me off to shop. Many people complain that Phoon Huat's staff are really rude but I beg to differ. I always feel that if you're nice to them (and not bombard them with countless brainless questions), they are really nice people! 

Well, it never hurts to be nice isn't it? Treat others the way you want to be treated first before you complain about the way that they treat you (; 

I should head to bed soon as I've to be up at 430am for school. Excited to be back to school this week even though I'm having my first Meet-the-parents session this Wednesday! XD 

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