Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lighting for our home!

Before service yesterday, we went to Jalan Besar to hunt for lights since our IDs asked of us to have them ready for renovation. We narrowed down to a few that we fancied and since we had to make a dash for service, we KIV-ed those we short-listed. 

Today, I woke up with yet another cough. Probably the virus from what I had earlier this week. I had to give a birthday party a miss as kids were present. I had some rest and headed down to Jalan Besar to do more search. The ones recommended yesterday were kinda boring to me. I didn't like them completely. 

They were boring like these.

So I went hunting. After an entire afternoon of work in the hot sweltering sun, I have all our lights settled.

In my first shop, I chose this beautiful light for my corridor! One of the daintier pieces! (: The uncle gave me a really good price for this and the kitchen light I chose! 

I didn't fancy the boring round lights for the kitchen we chose yesterday and fell in love with this instead. The crystals are so pretty and I can play around with the lights. One flick of the switch gives me all white light, another flick gives me pretty crystal warm light and another flick gives me a combination of the two!

In the other shop I made my purchases, I got these.

This black and gold lamp for the middle of our bedroom.

This black framed energy-saving light bulb ceiling lamp for the study.

A simple small and flat light for our service yard where my washing machine and fridge are.

We also got down lights but as they were costlier, we managed to get cheaper ones through our IDs.

This black frame lamp is similar to the one in the study and we're gonna use it for our toilet.

And the hubby's pick for our dining hall! (: I also got us some T5 lighting tubes for our cove lights and for my kitchen to be placed above my back splash. 

It sure was tiring shopping for lights. And this is just the beginning! There's still the toilet bowl and furniture... 

Anyway, I was done about 6pm so I decided to head down to Bras Basah to grab some books from the book sale. It was Buy-One-Get-One-Free! 

I got 28 books as rewards for my kids, 2 Dan Brown novels for the hubby and 2 cookbooks for myself. 

I really love books and reading. Hopefully I'll be able to encourage my kids to learn to appreciate reading!

I printed mini reward cards to be stuck into their books. (: Can't wait to distribute them! 

And speaking of books.. I just got 65 books from Noq using the Groupon promotion! Information books for my kids next term, some cookbooks, a novel and some books from The Magic School Bus series! I just can't wait for them to arrive!

So as the week comes to an end.. I'm looking forward to Friday. It'll be the last day of school this term! I'll be having a full day PTC on Thursday, something I'm thankful for as opposed to after school or 'meet parents at your own time' PTCs. Next week we'll have having a staff retreat followed by First Aid Course which I'm really excited about! It's an essential skill I feel that everyone should be equipped with. And of course.. Hong Kong next Friday night. 

I just can't wait! (: 

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