Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Things to bring for checking a new BTO flat

Today, we made a trip up to our place.
We SCRUBBED the place hard.

Our IDs are coming down tomorrow to help us do a check of the defects before we submit the defects list. There's truly plenty though some we can pretty much close one eye and be not so anal about. But some of them really needs rectification. Anyway, yesterday, my dad asked us to clean the floors first so that we can see the defects on the floor. However, we did not have our mops etc so we didn't have it clean. Another friend persuaded us to do so later in the evening so we made a trip down today to clean the unit. 

I have never poured a whole bucket of water onto the floor until today. It was so much hard work and I ended up with blisters on my palms. But it felt really good seeing how our floor is rather clean. 

And since we're at it... here's a list of what we brought and when checking for defects in the house. This is good for those who are about to check their newly purchased BTO flat. My guide includes the check for floor tiles if you opted for it.

1) A fan or two. You'd really appreciate this, trust me.
2) Stools to rest.
3) A small table to rest your belongings
4) Iced drinks (Okay, maybe it's really my fancy)
5) Measuring Tape
6) Markers
7) Masking tape for identifying defects
8) A broom for dry cleaning
9) A broom with plastic bristles for scrubbing the floor when wet
10) Floor cleaner
11) A mop to clean the floor to better check the defects on the floor
12) A pail for containing water
13) Marbles/coins for checking the hollowness of tiles
14) Torchlight for checking the darker corners of the house
15) Paper for checking the skirting (if any)
 [If your paper can go between the ground and the skirting, it's not well grouted]
16) Sponge for scrubbing stains
17) A cleaner like CIF for scrubbing stains
18) Toilet paper/tissue paper for wiping stains
19) Photocopies of your floor plan for taking measurements
20) A padlock/number lock to lock your unit. 
(NEVER give anyone access to your gates and doors. Use only a padlock or number lock)
21) Camera to record defects
22) Scraper to scrape off dry paint
23) Garbage bags for trash
24) Any form of charger/plugs that can show you that a power point is working. We used one of those multi-purpose plugs with light.

So here's the list of stuff we brought to check for the unit..
Next up, I'll do an update on the things to look out for when checking! (: 

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