Saturday, August 16, 2014

Taobao Loot Batch 1 and Amazon purchases

Previously, I blogged about purchasing items from Taobao for our new place. Taobao is China's online shopping portal and many items are often told for a fraction of the price you'd pay in Singapore. I used agent Peeka to help me order and bring the items in. Here's sharing some of the purchases we made for our new home.. this being batch 1 of 3 batches (: 

This sofa bed is for the study (: Love how there is an ottoman at the other end of the sofa, great for storage! 

This is the red chair we got for our dining hall. Love the quality, which was better than what I thought it would be! (: 

Holder for remotes...

Clear glass display/storage for make-up.. Howard's has this for a really big price tag.. this cost only a fraction of what Howard's is charging! 

Condiments container..

Rice washer! Love this gadget that helps me to drain water from the rice that I wash! 

Pictures for the toilets...

Totoros for our dining hall...

Fu Lu Shou for my mummy.. the quality was surprisingly good! 

A variety of de-hub goods like racks for the kitchen and toilet.. decals, rilakuma silicon mould and kitchen gadgets. Love the food rods too for keeping air out of packet food! 

Condiments rack...

Bodum like glasses.. unlikely authentic but super cheap and good (: 

Mini cupcake stand...

A full baking set that was on sale when I purchased it! All for 28sgd before shipping! (: 

De-hub corner rack (: 

Kitchen decal...

De-hub mop holder..

De-hub kitchen towel holder...

Whale decal...

De-hub kitchen hook rack (: 

Love the stuff we got.. there's also the shoe cabinet and several other stuff that I'm still sorting out.. But yes, it's super addictive to shop on Taobao! Doesn't help that I started Amazon shopping too! XD 

Here are some of the items I bought from Amazon... 





Can't wait for them and my other batches of taobao purchases to arrive! (: 


  1. Hello Cynthia, chanced upon your blog & love the taobao loots. able to share with me where to get the sofa bed? Thank you! :)

  2. Hi Cynthia, just curious as to how much your black sofa and red chair cost? including shipping?


    1. hello! i cant give you the shpping costs as I shipped many items tog so I do not have a breakown..

      the sofa bed was 230 before shipping and chairs are 60 before shipping.

      I had 15 parcels in all and it costs 310...

    2. ok thanks! so you mean this loot 1 plus your other loots only cost $310 for surface shipping? How long did it take to get delivered to you?

    3. this batch itself cost 310. took 2 weeks from the time it left my agent's place in China. Within China seller send to agent takes about a week or so depending on the seller.


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