Friday, August 29, 2014

Taobao Loot Batch 2

My second batch of taobao items is here! It thrilled me a lot to have received it on Thursday. 

It packed our dining hall once again! (: It was a merry occasion... except for some senseless comments I received from some... "You're buying too much!", "Again?", "Have space meh..", "Why you spend so much money?" 

BITCH PLEASE. I'm equipping a completely empty house and we're just starting out. Have you tried equipping a completely empty house? Have you even tried buying things at a fraction of what you'd pay in Singapore to stretch your dollar? I doubt so. And it's my money I'm spending. If my hubby isn't making any noise, why should anyone? 

Anyway, I'm happy that I get all my pretty stuff! (: Here's sharing some of the stuff I've gotten in this batch.. 
 Mason jars with extra lids... The lids are like SOOOOOOOOO cute! The seller was nice to have thrown in 3 straws too! 

2 larger mason jars..

Bone China plates (: 

Pillow and bolster hangers.. I was told it's retailing for 10 odd dollars each.. I paid $9.70 for 5 prior to shipping! WOW. 

Glass jars..


Super duper cute drink coasters!!!!! Which I super duper love.

Fluffy bedroom slippers..

Cutlery organisers...

And they fit perfectly! (: 

Replenished my stash of piping bags...

A spatula for non-stick pans..

A super pretty baking tin with removable base...

Salt and pepper mills together with pot organiser... 

I thought my previous pot organiser was amazing.. (the one on top).. but the one I just received is even more amazing. It's dual (so it's longer) and it's got a prettier white finish.. Now I'm so happy that my baking tins have a happy home! (: 

Got anti-slip liners for our kitchen too..

A mini bin for my toilet.. a pot lid holder...

Squirrel rice scoop!

Cable organisers..

Bone China set that was only 30+ prior to shipping! 

Also got a rack for the larger cupboards in our kitchen which is pretty much just wasted space with width but no height... 

I also got us a study chair! The hubby and I spent the late Friday evening putting it together.. This set us back only 37 prior to shipping! (: 

I love how our house is coming together.. though there are still quite a number of items that we're short of... Can't wait for our next shipment that contains our dining table (like FINALLY!), 2 dining chairs, a small ottoman stool and my Children's Day presents! (: I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED! (: 

By the way, in case you're wondering, I used Agent PEEKA to bring in my items from Taobao. They're not the cheapest nor the fastest but I trust them in bringing my items safely from China, repacking it for me, protecting the fragile items, buying the items from the China sellers, doing all the coordination work. 

It gives me great peace knowing that my goods are in good hands. That, is good enough for me. 


  1. Hello! Do you still have the link to your pink bakin tin? Thank you in advance!

  2. Congratulations on your new home! Can't wait for you to get busy in your kitchen again, producing all those wonderful bakes - recipes and baking instructions which you share so selflessly. Am sure you will put all those cute items you bought to good use. Looking forward to more baking posts!! Cheers!


  3. Hi babe! May i have the link for those mason jars?! Thanks!! :D

    1. here you go!

  4. Hi Cynthia
    Those super duper cute drink coasters are really catchy!! May I have the link? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Sure! (:

  5. hi,
    may i hv the link for pot organiser?

  6. Hey :) can help me understand abt the concierge fees at peeka.. is it like agent fee? How is it calculated??

    1. here..

      the concierge fees are agent fees.. it's 5% of total bill or $5, whichever is higher.

  7. Hi cynthia,
    saw your kitchen trolley that you have - the one with the bolster & pillow hanger. Think is the 3rd and 4th pics. May I know where you get them from?
    I also fell in love with shopping at Taobao. but i used 65daigou to bring my stuff in.
    Do you hv a pic of your dining table? would love to see them.

    1. Hello Eileen!

      I got that from Howard's.. You can find photos of my dining pic from my taobao directory above (:


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