Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black Tea Forest Fruit Chiffon Cake

Inspired by my bunch of lovely girls and adapting from the recipe for Pandan Chiffon Cake, I tried out this Black Tea Forest Fruit Chiffon Cake using Lipton tea bags. The chiffon cake is light yet fluffy and the sweetness is just right with sufficient flavour from the tea leaves and tea. The cake is also really refreshing, something different from most chiffon cakes. I'm using a 20cm base chiffon tin and it yielded a 2" tall cake. If you'd like, you can use a smaller tin to achieve a taller cake. 

Black Tea Forest Fruit Chiffon Cake Recipe
My baking tin had a base of 20cm

110g cake flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
5 eggs (55g) or 6 smaller eggs (52g)
60ml hot water
4 sachets of tea leaves (Lipton, as image)
60g oil (I used Canola oil)
120g castor sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 150 degree Celsius. Take 60ml of hot water and immerse a tea bag into it for 2-3 minutes. 

Sift the flour and baking powder.

Here's my tea concentrate after removing the tea bag!

Separate the eggs yolks from the whites. Ensure that the bowl for the whites are clean and dry. To the yolks, add 1/2 of the sugar (60g). 

Whisk till it's light and fluffy. This can be done using a hand whisk or spatula. 

To the egg yolk mixture, add 1/3 of the sifted flour mixture. Mix well.

Add 1/3 of the tea. Alternate both ingredients till it runs out.

Add the oil and vanilla bean paste. Mix well.

Add in 3 sachets of tea leaves. 

Mix well. 

Whisk the egg whites using a machine whisk/hand held mixer till it becomes frothy.

 Add the other 1/2 of sugar (60g) and whisk till stiff peaks are formed.

Stiff peaks = when you invert the bowl, nothing will fall off. 

To the egg yolk mixture, add 1/3 of the meringue and fold in the meringue. 

To the remaining 2/3 egg whites, add the egg yolk mixture. Fold in. I love doing mine by hand just like how I like to fold my cake batter for my sponge cakes. This video will show you how. [NOTE: The video is for Pandan Chiffon Cake but the steps are the same]

Alternatively, you may fold in the egg whites using a spatula or hand whisk.

When the batter is well folded, pour it into a chiffon tin. Shake the tin a lil' to release big air bubbles trapped in batter. Bake cake for 60 minutes. 

Completed product! (:

Invert cake on a raised platform and allow cake to cool down completely. This should usually take around 30 mins to an hour but as impatient as I usually am, I blast a standing fan at my baking tin and it's usually cooled in about 15 minutes!

Most people remove their chiffon cakes with the use of a spatula or knife. I prefer the hand removal method.. so here's a video that will show you how.

So, once the cake has been removed, serve it upside down..

Enjoy the cake! (: 

I'd love to see the bakes or stuff you've cooked using the blog's recipe! Do share photos of stuff you've baked or cooked using the blog's recipe with me either via FB message to http://facebook.com/limcynthia OR http://facebook.com/thebakingbiatch OR via email at cynthia.lim.hl@gmail.com! I look forward to hearing from you! (: 


  1. Sounds great . Tq for sharing. I shall try this if I can get hold of any Black Tea Forest Fruit. Love your blog ;)

    1. Hello Abbygail!

      Glad you love my blog! (: This is available in most supermarkets (: Do give it a try! I wanna try it with other tea flavours too!


  2. Dear Cynthia,

    Thanks for the sharing. I just finish baking it earlier and it really taste good. Thank you again.
    Also did the mini apple tarlets using ready made pastry. It taste good too. Next time will make the pastry from scratch. Yeah.
    Have a great weekend:)

    Wendy Teo

    1. Hi Wendy!

      You're more welcome! Glad that you liked it! (: I want to make pastry from scratch too! But our humidity makes it kinda challenging to do so! (:


  3. Hi Cynthia, this is Rachel here. I love your recipes! However, when I tried making this, is there a reason why my cake dropped from the pan? tried it twice, i have baked it at 160, for 2 hours! any tips would really help. thanks.

    1. hello, your cake is overbaked! recipe only called for it to be baked for 1 h at 150 degree celsius.


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