Monday, August 26, 2013

Something awesome is happening soon!

God's grace has been plentiful for the both of us. Be it planning for the wedding, be it the house, be it our relationship, our families or even this blog. I started out blogging almost 2 years ago with the intention of recording my recipes for my own use and maybe the idea of sharing it with friends and families as I'm a really visual person. Step by step image recipes help me recall the steps and guide me in my own baking and cooking. I've really never thought that I'll come this far. My God is awesome! His blessings overflow and this time round, it's in a form of a video I did with NTUC Media. 

I was approached by Sylvy who gave me my first shot at a magazine feature. This time round, she's asked of me to do an instructional video for NTUC featuring snowskin mooncakes. We did the filming last Thursday, with the generous loaning of my MIL's place for the filming. The crew consisting of Alan, Bing and Gwen were dedicated and fun-loving! I'm really looking forward to the launch of the video in the first week of September. 

Till then, have fun making some snowskin mooncakes! (: 

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