Monday, August 26, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 9: Our Progress (August 2013)

It's already mid August and we're merely 4.5 months away from the wedding! It's been a luxury having 14 months to plan for our wedding. But as time ticks away, it seems like we have so much to do and so little time for everything! It really doesn't help that work has been taking up so much of both of our time. We've also been hunting for Interior Designers for our first home.

So before I go on to share our progress for our big day planning, here's 2 photos of our pre-wedding photoshoot that I'd like to share with all of you! (: 

These photos maybe pretty but somehow, they do bring back a certain amount of bad memories with the bridal studio. Seletar Broadway, sighs.. where should I even begin? In any case, more on the bridal studio in time to come. 

We've settled most of the larger components for the wedding. 

Here's a list of stuff we have completed/settled so far...
1) Pre-wedding photoshoot
2) Booking of restaurant
3) Booking of church
4) Booking of honeymoon
5) Purchase of bridesmaids' dresses
6) Purchase of groomsmen's Bermudas
7) Confirmation of photographers
8) Confirmation of videographers
9) Confirmation of bridesmaids
10) Additional printing of photobooks
11) Booking of beloved Pastor Zhuang! (:

Here's what we're in the midst of doing...
1) Confirmation of candy bar idea
2) Confirmation of balloon decor
3) Confirmation of guo da li
4) Confirmation of ang bao box
5) Confirmation of wedding invites
6) Confirmation of wedding favours
7) Confirmation of flower decor for church
8) Confirmation of timeline for AD
9) Confirmation of location for picking of bride (me!)
10) Childhood montage
11) Helper's list

Here's what we have yet to do.. (!!!!)
1) Booking of caterer
2) Sewing of bow ties for the groomsmen
3) DIY decor for the reception
4) DIY decor for the candy bar
5) DIY decor for the church decor
6) DIY decor for the restaurant
7) Booking of hotel for AD
8) Praise & Worship team for Holy Matrimony

The list seems never ending isn't it? Nevertheless, we're truly blessed in many aspects of our wedding. Friends, families and loved ones giving us a helping hand for our big day. So let me collect myself and share more details of our big day planning with all of you soon! (: 


  1. hi, able to share your experience please? thank you.

    1. hello,

      ive had a really bad experience with them.
      long story but in short, i would not recommend using them.


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