Thursday, September 12, 2013

Children are a gift from God!

Today, I spent time with 2 really awesome besties. People that God gave to me to see me through the years. People whom I really love. I knew Esther through work many years back and Sandra after I joined Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church. They have been my family ever since then. 

As we grew and Billy and I grew deeper in our relationship, I moved to City Harvest. It was a painful move leaving people that have watched me grow for a couple of years but it was for a good reason. God gave me the signs I asked for. It was the move I decided. I've not looked back since. I love City Harvest and it's my second home now (: 

Even though I'm no longer in Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church, I still meet the people that I love from time to time. In fact, Esther is my maid of honour! (: 

Sandra has just welcomed the arrival of baby II and it sure was my honour to spend time with the two women dear to my heart and the two little girls! (: 

We head lunch at Marche so that older S could play at the play area! (: 

I love Rostis and Crepes from Marche!

They had this lunch promotion of $8.90+ for selected mains and a homemade drink! It was a really good deal! And it ends at 3pm so it's great for late lunches too! 

I had the roasted chicken Crepes along with a homemade drink. 

We also had Rostis. I love Rostis. Do you know that the Happy Call Pan cooks Rostis in mere minutes? Check out that recipe in the blog! One of my personal favourites! (: 

We also had fried calamari which were so good! And to top it off, we had a jug of Coke to share! I'm such a coke addict XD 

Pardon the washroom shot but here's my OOTD. I abhor the heat in Singapore so I'm often donned in short dresses and sleeveless tops! Today's outfit compromises of a cotton on top and a jumper style skirt I got from a Taiwan website several years back (: 

We did a good amount of shopping in Takashimaya (: I got to carry Little S and boy is she a charmer! Children are indeed a gift from God. It's amazing how God made the woman strong enough to carry a child for 9 months of pregnancy and make the mummy loving and caring enough to provide for the baby! 

Billy and the two other men joined us for dinner and we headed to Ichiban (: 

My favourite dish from Ichiban's the business wazen. It has all the goodies that I like.

I had a really awesome day today and I'm truly thankful for the wonderful friends God planted in my life. The many wonderful things that He has blessed me with is truly much more that I can give Him praise for (: 

It's Friday already and my holiday is coming to an end real soon. I feel as though as I haven't had enough fun! XD but I suppose that's just really normal (: 

Thankful for the break and looking forward to a new school term next week! (: 

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