Saturday, September 14, 2013

I like pretty fabric

Today, I thought I had the luxury of staying at home and playing in the kitchen. I have a couple of stuff that I wanted to bake before I go back to school on Monday. However, I did a mix-up in Billy's work schedule and he's off work today instead of tomorrow so we headed off for service today. 

I headed to Spotlight first while waiting for him despite having been there yesterday. I got myself 4 pieces of fabric! I just love pretty fabric so much! (: I was rather hesitant in getting the teapot fabric as it was 7.99 bucks per metre. However, as I've become such nice friends with one of the staff, she allowed me to only but 1/2 a metre of fabric! (: The perks of being nice to someone! 

Service today was special as it is the graduation for the students of the School of Theology. One of our cell group member graduated today too! Maybe some day when time and finances permit, Billy can join the SOT like he's always wanted.

It's the last day of my September holidays and I'm still in my holiday mood! I'm hoping that I can bake a few more items before returning to school this Monday. When school starts on Monday, it'd be my second term as a beginning teacher! It'll be time to push my kids for SA2! (: It's stressful but yet fulfilling at the same time (: Update soon! 

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