Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lazy Holiday

I've just downloaded the Blogger app on my smartphone. This is my first attempt at casual blogging on top of blogging recipes (: let's just hope that I can sustain it. But of course, if you'd love to read more of such entries, drop me a comment to let me know! (: 

Anyway, it has been a lazy Tuesday as I enjoy my September holidays. Being a teacher really is tough. The number of hours put in can really be long. Hence, I'm really appreciative of my vacation! It sure is bliss to have time to myself. I'm pretty proud of myself having baked two dozen traditional mooncakes, the Mrs Ng SK butter cake and a chocolate banana cake (yet complete though!) yesterday. It really makes me wonder of the things I can do if I weren't working. Then again, I love my job! 

Anyway, it has dawned on me of late that health is really wealth. One can have all the money in the world but without health, money really is nothing. Even though of course, money is essential in getting stuff that we want. Treasure those you have around you. Do not hesitate to love those around you. Do not fear to forgive, it won't cost you anything. 

On the other hand, it's kinda bothering me that some people do draw inspiration from my bakes and stuff but do not give necessary credit. Yes, my blog content is open for all. But if its so obvious that you've drawn inspiration from my bakes or used my recipe (even if I took it elsewhere and made my modifications), it won't hurt you to give me the credit. It's not like I care for your "crediting" but it's just basic courtesy isn't it? 

On a lighter note, I'm toying with the idea of more video tutorials now that I've gotten a new and better computer (as opposed to the net book I've been working on) that can allow me to do video editing! But of course, we'd have to wait till our first home is ready next year for such plans to take place as my current place is just messy! 

How would you like some video tutorials? (: what are some of the recipes you'd like to see a video tutorial of? Leave a comment! (: 

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