Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 10: Dinner with the families

In mummy's car heading off for dinner! (: 

This dinner has been dragged on for eons as time and health weren't on our side. Tonight, both Billy and my family had dinner at Crystal Jade Tampines Mall to discuss the wedding details. After all, the wedding is merely 3+ months away! That is really quite soon.. And it's scaring me! I still have a lot I haven't done! (I think!) 

Anyway, we had a set dinner at Crystal Jade Tampines Mall. It was a promotion of 298++ for 10 pax, 9 courses. Even though there were only 7 of us, we took it as it was more value for money as opposed to the other set we were intending to order. Boy were we stuffed! The food was really good! 

We had Peking duck wrapped in crepe. The remaining duck was fried with bitter gourd for us. Shark's fin soup (though I'm against shark's fin and will be replacing it with something better for the banquet). Broccoli with sliced fish. Spinach Conpoy. Fried Ee-fu mee (my fav!). Tofu with fish clay pot style. Something else that I can't remember... 

And of course, my favourite Cereal Prawns! Gosh it was so good. 

This promotion is definitely a good deal for families who'd love to enjoy a good meal. 

Food aside, I'm really glad that we had details like the Guo Da Li (I want that roasted pig!), Tables for the wedding banquet, Dowry and Xi Bing settled. That's one big "burden" checked off the list of to-dos... 

Next up... Our wedding invites! We're finalising it soon and heading to JB to have them printed! (: 

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