Sunday, November 3, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 11: Wedding Updates + Long birthday weekend!

This has been a really eventful week. From Shingles to food tasting to planning for the HTB's birthday. It's been a busy weekend! Shingles has kept me home for the entire week and I had to take my medication every 5 hours. Seriously, waking up in the middle of the night can really be a pain in the butt butt! By God's grace, I'm recovering well! Thank you for the prayers and well wishes! (:

I bought a new baking tin on Friday evening when we were out for dinner and running wedding errands. This new ceramic baking muffin pan sure looks fun! (: This will come in really handy for the baking class I'm conducting for the zone! It's definitely my honour and my privilege to serve God in his ministry by conducting baking classes for fellowship to take place! I'm truly excited! (: 

On Friday, I took on the task of baking the HTB a birthday cake. This was something he asked for 2 years ago but I'm always busy during his birthday and have never gotten down to baking him any cakes. I suppose the Shingles has gotten me to slow down. After all, the doctor said that I'm facing too much stress. I'm truly proud of my production for the HTB's birthday this year. Here's a NEKO BUS cake that he's been requesting for. I'm really thankful that he loves the cake! (: It also surprised him as he wasn't expecting any cakes. 

I like how scary NEKO BUS looks here. This is so him! 

On Saturday, we had our food tasting with both families. Am pretty glad that things are slowly falling into place. Am glad that the food portion has been settled and we can focus on the other components of the wedding! With the gathering of all loved ones, I took the chance to celebrate the HTB's birthday too! (: 

Having attended service this morning, I am truly excited and looking forward to Arise and Build 2013/2014 even though we're in the midst of preparing for our big day and home! (: Can't wait to build God His house! (: Anyway, Walter, Billy and I headed to Carnivore at MBS after service this morning. The food was awesome and I'm glad the birthday boy loved his birthday treat! We then did some shopping at MBS and Billy even got a pair of nice Hush Puppies shoes for the wedding at half price! (: [I love cheap thrills from shopping bargains!]

We then headed to A Pinch Of Salt (no pun intended! the food was rather salty!) to celebrate the birthdays of the November babies in the cell group! It was such a merry affair! (:  

I also received my belated birthday presents which I adore! A card filled with loads of blessings and a Macaron book! (: I can't wait to play with more macarons! (:

We went to Nex after dinner in hope of running more wedding errands. Having gotten our bed and bed frame which will be delivered in December after we paint the house (excited!!), we needed to get new bedsheets for the bed for the wedding. After a really long hunt and loads of market research, we were blessed to be able to get these beauties (fitted sheet, quilt cover, 4 pillow cases and 2 bolster cases) for a great price of $98! We also got a new quilt for our bedroom! I really love this bright beautiful red! (: All these preparation for our wedding, and in particular, our marriage is making me really excited. 

There's so much more to do but I'm glad that we've got a few more things settled for the wedding:
1) Church Invites (I'll share more details on the awesome company we used from JB!)
2) Banquet Invites (waiting to collect!)
3) Caterer (Rasa Catering, highly recommended by friends and loved ones! We even had a free dessert thrown in!)
4) Guo Da Li (Michelle of The Chinese Wedding Shop has really been of so much help to us! All the Chinese traditions have been a chore and loads of confusion!)
5) Helper's list! (To refine but it's awesome!)
6) Florist + Mummy's bouquets (Grateful for help from my planner Charlotte from Mirage Flowers in planning! She's got really cool ideas for my pew flowers that I'm totally insane about!)
7) MUA for my mummy and sis! 
8) Candy Bar layout (Time to bring out all my pretty serving trays to accompany the lovely jars I'm getting!)

Excited much! Gosh! It's just 2 more months to go! We're truly blessed with help from all our friends, loved ones and cell group members. Gosh! (: EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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