Monday, December 30, 2013

Nuffnang Lovin' Christmas Countdown with Ayam Brand

On 14 December, I had the honour to be invited by Nuffnang for the Nuffnang Lovin' Christmas Party using Ayam products. I've always been a fan of the Ayam brand tuna mayonnaise. I literally grew up with it. It was indeed fun to know that this brand that I grew up with was founded 120 years ago by Alfred Clouet with the signature rooster that we're all so familiar with. It's been eons since they've been in this line... it's no wonder that they've got awesome products that are well loved by many. 

The pearl barley is something I remember my aunty use for cooking barley water for the family.

Here's more on the story of Ayam Brand!

Of course, where else better to have fun cooking workshops than Food Playground? (: It's my second time here and it's still a fun and colourful place to be in! 

I got to design my own chef''s hat once again.

Of course, how could I forget the blog name? XD

Ayam brand has got small packets of coconut milk that I enjoy using when I run out of fresh options. The trim one actually tastes quite good.

Our friendly instructor teaching us how to make the filling for a good sardine curry puff! That aside, I really love how simple and good that sardine puff recipe was... I'll show it on the blog soon! As soon as I settle in at the HTB's (: And that Pizza that I learned from our previous class!

Making the dough!

Making Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

The 'correct' wrapping technique (:

Preparing the skin for the sardine puff! 

Pinch pinch pinch! 

The other group! Lovely kitchen isn't it? 

Our work station! (:

More awesome ingredients!

Miss Tam Chiak showing us how to make a barley salad. 
It was really a simple salad.

Our ingredients for the puff!

Our awesome spicy sauce for our Vietnamese Spring Roll!

That's me!

Always loving the fun of playing with the dough!

This is the platter I did with my group mates (:

Lovely group shot!

And another!

Here are the works of some other groups (: 

Not forgetting ours!

The fun banner!

The winning team won with their lovely product and left with a large lovely hamper!

Of course, I left with an awesome bag of my favourite Ayam Brand products! I should have that Barley boiled into some soup to prepare our bodies for our wedding that's coming in 11 days! That corn resembles what I always have on top of ice kachangs! Maybe... it's time to buy an ice shaver. Those tunas would come in handy for a baked pasta and the sardines for a puff or a pizza! 

I can't wait to start cooking proper again. 

Thank you Nuffnang for the invite and the awesome fun time I had in Food Playground (: 

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