Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cell Group Appreciation 2013 (23 - 25 December 2013) Amara Sanctuary Sentosa

On 24 December, we had our Cell Group Appreciation Night. It's an annual affair by our cell group. This is my 3rd year with this family of mine. We headed to Amara Sanctuary Sentosa and had 2 nights stay in their Deluxe Room. It was a lovely place but the price tag was steep. 

This was the day bed outside the room that's between the room and the pool.

This was the main bedroom/bed.

I made a large tub of Eggless Baileys Tiramisu for my cell group mates!

The pool was really serene. I loved the peace it gave me.

Cindy had dinner catered for all of us. What a cool way to have our dinner isn't it? 

The night was great as we recapped the year we had and appreciated those who have helped us along the way this year. The night then 'begun' with games and drinks. 

The HTB and I were outside the room by the pool sipping our drinks and enjoying the peace. Indeed, all that wedding planning had us both worn out. 

With so many of us, we decided to sleep on the deck chairs in the night. It was a chilly but yet great experience to be sleeping under the stars. We fell asleep only to wake up at 2am to chat with the others and watch videos on youtube etc. We then went back to sleep at 4+ in the morning.

We woke up at 7+ because 2 PEACOCKS were making so much noise!

But it sure is awesome waking up to a view like this.

And like this.

And this.

I love this place. It could probably comfortably fit a family of 4-6 for a small staycation. The pool is open all night long. In fact, at 4am, there were still people swimming. This place is great for a couple to spend time away from everything else. The only downside is the steep room rates! During super peak season, it's 600+ per night per room! Otherwise, it's 300 or so during super off peak season. 

Maybe this will be a good place for a mini honeymoon styled staycation (:

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