Saturday, March 1, 2014

Danish Butter Cookies

These Danish Butter Cookies are surprisingly easy to bake! They were the hype some time ago in the local scene and the recipe Alan shared was almost foolproof. Thanks Alan! Having been living with my in-laws, I hardly have the time to bake. It doesn't help that work has been taking a toll on me. As such, baking is almost a far-fetched idea I can only dream of on a daily basis. 

I'm truly thankful for the little breather this weekend to be able to head home and spend some time with my family (namely my mum) and do some baking too! As such, I got to baking these delightful Danish Butter Cookies. These cookies don't take long to bake (like 7-8 minutes per batch?) and they're really simple too! I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5. I took 30 minutes or so to bake 4 batches but if you have a larger oven, it'll take a short time and vice versa!

Danish Butter Cookies Recipe
This recipe yields about 40 cookies

1 egg (55-60g)
200g unsalted butter 
130g icing sugar
320g plain flour
2 tbsp vanilla bean paste

Check out the video tutorial here! Or here


  1. May I know what temperature the cookies should be baked at? (:


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