Saturday, April 12, 2014

Honeymoon in Tokyo (Day 2: Of museums and Asakusa)

After a good night's rest, we were ready for our first full day!

The sky got dark really early in Tokyo in early Feb. We woke up really early on the second day of our trip as we had a whole day of activities planned. We had breakfast at a deli near our hotel. The food in Japan was great. Nothing we had was awful, seriously. 

It was yet another chilly morning.

This was the serene train station near us.

We headed to a series of museums in the morning.

Even though we don't read Japanese, we didn't have much issues travelling. It didn't stop us from visiting museums either! 

We LOVED the Science museum!

This post is really long so please on to click to read more! 

The amount of displays put our local Science museum to shame.

They even had adorable auto-mobiles on display.

And planes too!

The insides of the museums were lovely.

And so was the outside! I LOVE the gigantic whale!

We also visited a museum with loads of ancient relics.

The weather was AMAZING. I couldn't get enough of it. 

The buildings allowed for loads of fun..

I love the range of drinks they have in their vending machines! You can get both hot and cold drinks... and the variety spoils one. 

Enjoying the weather...

We then headed to the Ueno Zoo.. It wasn't very big.. but the animals there were fun to watch!

A map of the place.

I think it's nice being a panda... eating and watching the world pass you by.

My first time seeing an owl!

And achievement unlocked, eating ice cream in the cold weather!

Life is good..

The view was amazing.. so serene..

We then headed to another small outlet for lunch. Speaking of which, the hubby budgeted $70sgd per meal!!!!!! This man is like INSANE. But we never hit that amount ever even though Tokyo's food is notoriously expensive.

Good to have a rest! Oh yes, be prepared to walk a lot in Tokyo. Like A LOT.

Gosh. Looking at this makes me salivate now.

And after Japan, I am so hooked to fresh wasabi. Even the hubby who never fancied wasabi LOVES it. 

Even fried rice was good.

And needless to say... the sashimi... gosh!

And only in Japan do you get such fun machines to 'hook' gifts like these!

I am really obsessed with artificial food by the way!

I had the most amazing succulent sweet strawberries while shopping the 'market' street the hubby brought me. There were LOADS and LOADS of fresh sashimi and what not on sale for dirt cheap prices. A pity we weren't heading back yet.. else we would have gotten it..

The hubby got me an adorable Rila polka dotted brolly!

We then went to the famous Asakusa. The streets were filled with stalls selling food, snacks and souvenirs. 

I'm thankful to have found my best friend in the hubby. (:

We ate these soft and fluffy mini cakes all cooked and packed on the spot! They even came in all sorts of adorable shapes!

And another achievement unlocked, eating his favourite dango! 

And this stall totally reminded me of my family.. Takoyaki!

After Asakusa, we headed to Shinjuku. We hunted high and low for this shop where gundams were sold. Well, the hubby loves gundam and we bought A FEW gundams...

We were exhausted from carrying his gundams so we had Macdonald's! 

The pork burger is indeed something we don't get in Singapore. And oh yes, their burgers are actually hot. Have you ever even had a hot burger from Macdonald's in Singapore? I doubt so! 

Well.. he got A FEW gundams. These were just too cheap to miss. The prices are like 1/3 to 1/2 of what we pay in Singapore.. so I allowed him to purchase them.

I also got to buy 2 boxes of artificial food which I absolutely adore.. I regret not buying more of them!

I made these ramen replica noodles..

And this ice cream sundae.

I really wish I had purchased more of them... And I intend to return to Tokyo to buy more! (:
And that's just about what we did on Day 2 in Tokyo.. loads of walking but loads of delight too..
I'll soon blog about Day 3 where we met the largest Gundam ever! (: 

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