Friday, April 11, 2014

Honeymoon in Tokyo (Day 1)

Early in the morning on the first day of CNY 2014, we got to the airport and headed off for Tokyo! We took Japan Airlines and arrived in Tokyo around 4 in the afternoon. The weather in early Feb and late Jan was AMAZING. It was cooling yet not too cool. The hubby took on the task of planning the itinerary and all I had to do was to 'follow'. (: 

Before we left the airport, I signed up for a Japan number which allowed me unlimited data usage on my iPhone. We then took the speedy train to town and changed another train to get to our hotel.

The hubby's detailed itinerary! We even had the itineraries laminated! 

The train was speedy and it got us to our destination quick while giving us a really good view of life in Japan. 

After we settled down in the hotel and got some rest, we headed to a small ramen shop near our hotel for dinner. It was chilly. And nothing beats comforting hot ramen on a cold night. Oh yes, Uniqlo's down jackets work wonders.

The food was just so good.

Even the eggs were good. I don't take hard boiled eggs and I had this and I was in love. 
We then went to explore the supermarket near us as well as the bookstore and drugstore. 
JAPAN is an amazing place... and I will share more of our trip to Japan in posts to come... 

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