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Days 6 & 7 in Hong Kong: of shopping in baking shops and Langham Place

I've been blessed. I've come to the part of the trip where I spend a lot of money doing shopping. 

After lunch yesterday, my family accompanied me to Shanghai Street to shop for bakeware,  just like what we did 2 years back. I've been blessed that the hubby didn't restrained me from buying stuff that I like.. possibly cos I have some sort of self control cos I have just about everything I need already! 

Anyway, this time round, I found 4 shops that are worth exploring in Shanghai Street. These shops are of walking distance (an entire stretch) from the Mong Kok MTR,  which is near Langham Place. 

As I took the bus which stopped at the other end of Shanghai Street, I'll introduce those further away from Langham Place. 

Chan Chi Kee Cutlery
316 Shanghai Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

This is one of those old school dusty shops but it is also one of my favourite shops. The array of cookie cutters would make an cookies lover happy. They also have a good range of cake trays/tins/rings. They also sell metal cake bases which I love as I can reuse them as compared to the usual disposable cake bases. They also sell loads of knives (which I can't bring back, sadly) and kitchen utensils like pots and sieves. Their array of tart trays is also extensive. They even sell shaped cake moulds and fondant tools. A place not to be missed in my opinion. 

Man Kee Chopping Board
340-342 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

On my first visit, I purchased wooden moon cake moulds from this shop. The workmanship is pretty decent and they cost merely Sgd $5! (The red silicon moulds, metal mixing bowl and Zui Kueh moulds were purchased from Chan Chi Kee as above) This shop sells a good range of silicon moulds, cocktail tools, weighing scales , bowls, plates and the likes. They even had those bbq Japanese "racks".

I returned today on my second visit to grab more stuff. The Castella box and 鸡蛋仔 made me very excited! I also got another wooden mould for making almond cookies. 

This shop has a lot of wooden items.. then even have moon cake moulds (wood) in the shape of Hello Kitty, Doremon etc! They also have a good range of wooden and plastic chopping boards which I would love to lug home if not for the fact that they're just really heavy. A good shop not to be missed too.
395 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Level 8 (take the lift up)

This shop is slightly more modern with air conditioning and all. They also have a good range of raw ingredients on sale here. I went a little insane here with the purchase of adorable stuff and storage options for cakes and stuff. There are loads of boxes here for transportation of cakes. They also sell Valhora chocolate and even vanilla bean pods. A good place to check out cute stuff I would say. 

Kam Fat Company
457 Shanghai Streeet, Mongkok, Kowloon

I did not make any purchases from this shop as I've gotten a lot from the other 3 shops by the time i got here. Nothing too fantastic in my opinion but if you're in the vicinity checking out the 3 other shops, no harm popping by this one too. 

Along the same street, you'd find smaller shops selling a variety of lights, kitchen tools and even furniture. 

After my shopping spree, we made our way into Langham Place. I like this mall as it's huge and it's got loads of large brand names like H&M. 

If you're a fan of Adidas like the hubby, do pop by Cataloge in the mall! The array of Adidas really puts what we find locally to shame. The prices are even cheaper here. 

Accupuncture in the basement also sells a good range of shoes. I'm not a fan of covered shoes due to my long toenail bed but I really liked this purple pair! A pity they didn't have it in my size. 

This mall also have many smaller shops that sell really pretty lady shoes. I may head buy to snag myself a pair of two before we go back! 

After our shopping spree, we headed back to Siu Sai Wan to meet popo for dinner. We had Taiwanese food. 

Oyster Mee Sua. 

Beef noodles. 

Braised pork rice. 

More beef noodles. 

Even more beef noodles. 

Maybe I should make a trip to Taiwan too! 

Today, we headed back to Langham Place for more shopping and to pick up a pair of shoes the Hubby reserved. 

Meal options in the mall can be costly. We had our meal in a nearby restaurant: Green River Restaurant. Pretty decent food with generous portions at a good price. 

Angus beef with mushroom rice. Check out the portions! 

Satay beef instant noodles. I just love this when I visit popo at Siu Sai Wan. The Char Chan Ting there serves a really good bowl of this. 

Scrambled eggs, ham and bread. 

Beef noodles. It's like their main diet compromised of beef and noodles. It's practically everywhere! But it's good so I'm not complaining! 

Grilled chicken salad. 

I love the variety of cakes there is in Hong Kong!

After our shopping spree, we had tea at 人和豆品 along Tong Choi Street. The beancurd was refreshing and you can even eat pig's blood here! 


Beancurd with black glutinous rice. 

Fish paste stew mai, something different from what we usually have in Singapore. 

Pig's intestine and pig's blood cubes. 

Pork noodles. 

Here's a glimpse of their menu! 

Just across the street, there are 2 stalls that sell street snacks. 

All heated up by deep frying or soaked in their braised mixture. 

We had beef parts, curry fish ball and stuffed intestine (which I love very much!)

We patronised this stall as it seemed to be more popular even though the stall next to it sold the same stuff. 

We then took a stroll along the streets nearby. The night markets were starting to get busy. 

I love the array of fresh fruits I can find almost everywhere. The fruits are really cheap too. A pack of arbutus is merely 10hdk or Sgd $1.80 while I paid 7 bucks back at home! I tried their lychee too and it had really tiny seeds! 

I couldn't resist the temptation of this adorable elephant mould so I bought it (:

We also bought 4 clocks after a really long hunt for the right clocks. 

We then had dinner with yipo and the family. I really love huge family meals. So much love. 

I then packed my bag a little as meimei is coming over to stay at yipo's over the weekend. Have to put all the cute stuff away before she finds them and makes them hers! Packing luggage bags is a work of art. I've purchased so many books and bakeware and it's made me very happy. 

Now... to fit them all into my luggage bags! 
Unknowingly, we're almost half way through our trip.. can't wait for tomorrow cos we'll be meeting more family members and my hero Ah Gong who's so very cool!  

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