Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 8: the outskirts of Hong Kong and New Town Plaza at Sha Tin

The day started off with a burger (my favourite) at McDonald's! This favourite burger of mine is on sale even during regular meal times! And the best part? It's merely sgd $1.50!

Their promo meals are really cheap too, especially since the exchange rate is 1sgd to 6.1hkd..

We travelled out to the outskirts of Hong Kong to meet some relatives for lunch. There are so few beaches in Hong Kong!

It was much quieter in the outskirts. The sky was seemingly clearer too!

Interestingly, this is the LRT for the outskirts. Pretty much like a train system. 

And it functions based on integrity. We just tapped our cards before we boarded the train. There weren't even any gantries! 

The lines. 

Pretty serene. 

Tapping out upon exit. 

Then, we returned to Wonderland at Whampoa Garden to visit the toy store. It's really a lovely huge store with loads of toys etc to offer. 

Couldn't resist getting this adorable Elmo apron for Shayna! The hubby also got another set of gundam. 

We then had some desserts. The desserts here are so pretty and are cheaper than what we pay back home! 

This whole box was what we had. 

We then walked back to a bus stop near to yipo's to grab a bus to meet my hero Ah Gong. 

I got some dried oysters and shrimps to cook my favourite mustard rice for my parents. 

The dried shrimps were big and tasty!  

I was also taken aback by the offering of salted fish in bags. 

We took the bus to Sha Tin to meet my mil's family. I love the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin! There's so much to offer. 

They even had adorable duck toys for sale. 

So cute. This Japanese departmental store had a lot to offer. There was even a Sanrio store that was pretty huge. 


I then spotted this collection of adorable miniatures. I was this close to wanting to start a collection of it. 

A pity it was a little steep in pricing. And of course, I doubt I'd have the space to display it. 

Here are two adorable kitties we spotted at the train station while we were on our way to visit a relative. 

He lives alone and is more well to do so he's got an apartment of his own, completed with the basic but yet lovely renovation. He even has his own walk in wardrobe!!! Visiting his place makes me feel even more blessed. Our 3 room unit maybe small but at least it's gonna be cosy. 

Here's our 3D drawing of our living hall, almost finalised. It's getting really exciting. However, it's also upsetting that my kitchen's 3D drawings are still not done right. I'm hoping it'll be ready soon. After all, renovation is starting next week. 

And I'm left with less than a week in HK. Some kind of reluctance in going back to reality. 

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