Sunday, June 29, 2014

Purchasing our red sofa and blinds!

Today has been a really long day. We were out the entire day... We managed to settle the biggest woe... our sofa! 

I was loitering around Suntec and saw this nifty gadget.. it seemed cool but several friends suggested better options (: Still keeping our options open! We're almost lazy enough to wanna get a robot to do the work for us... but truth is, we don't have much floor area for the robot to run around either! Might as well do it ourself isn't it? 

I then spotted these lovely apples on display in a small shop in Suntec. They're really adorable and they're actually plates! (: I love the newly furbished Suntec City! (: Can't wait for all the upgrading to be completed.

I then met the hubby to play games at Prize Stage at Marina Square. We're pretty hooked to this game. 

With 30 bucks and some luck, we won these 3 dolls! We also won a few other tiny prizes (: 

After which, we headed to the Food and Kitchen Fair at Suntec's Convention Centre. Our hunt for a red L-shaped sofa that's 2m and under has been tough. We're been on the hunt for months but truth be told, L-shaped sofas under 2m are tough to find.. worse still, we want it in red. Novena was one of the first few shops we visited and I didn't think much of their sofas then. Places like Defu and Nova furniture was so badly reviewed we'd kinda be fools if we were to choose them. 

When we were down to our desperate last attempts for source for a sofa online last night, we decided to visit Novena at their new Suntec outlet today. Since I was at the food and kitchen fair earlier in the day, I checkout out their prices before I headed to the store. True enough, it's about 100bucks cheaper at the fair than at the store.

After some discussion, we finally decided on this red 3 seater recliner sofa in PU. This beauty was going at 799. (: Pretty awesome now that our sofa has been purchased!

After purchasing our sofa, we headed to Plaza Singapura and after much deliberation AGAIN, we decided on black aluminium blinds for the entire home. The 2 rooms would get a 2.1m long blind while the living hall would have 2 shorter blinds. We spent merely 214 on our blinds as there was a 50% discount! And the better part would be that Pa has agreed to help us and teach us how to put these up... So hello to pretty black blinds for our new home! (:

We then headed to Jalan Besar to collect our corridor lights and our kitchen lights. After which, we headed to Farrer Park's City Square Mall for dinner. I LOVE SAIZERIYA! (: They've got really great priced food that fill our bellies! 

Seafood Gratin.

Escargots. SO GOOD.


Clam chower.

Spicy bacon pasta.

I also love their free flow drinks bar.. Paying 2.80 for free flow drinks really appeal to me! (: 

Lastly, we headed home to get ready for the new semester. It's pretty amazing how I've been in the service for a year.. and has taught my current class for half a year.. I fear that I'd be so upset when my current class graduates from my arms at the end of the year... 

Anyway, my bed is rather packed now... There are many darlings who are still in storage.. A few years back, I thought I had grown out of this soft toy stage. However, in the recent years, they just keep coming... >.< Hopefully our sofa bed in the 2nd bedroom can contain all of them! (: 

Gotta go sleep... Semester 2 here we come! (: 

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  1. Any feedback on Novena products or delivery of furniture issues? I saw unpleasant experience posts online.. Mind to share if you do has it, thanks...


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