Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Days 8 & 9 of reno: carpentry measurements and wardrobe

It's already the 2nd week of our renovation.. it's pretty fun how we get to choose so many stuff for our home! (: Yesterday, we had the carpentry measurements taken and the details confirmed. Hopefully, we can have all the carpentry work completed and reno completed for us to move in on the 26th! (: 

Here's the sketch for our TV feature wall (: It'll be a good 6ft long! I like the idea of the suspended console (: 

Here's the sketch for our kitchen.. We're having a L-shaped counter for the 'longer' wall and a tall unit for the 'shorter' side where the door is. I love the idea of our pull out tables! (: 

On the shorter side, the pull-out table can be used when the door is closed, adding more table top area to the small kitchen. 

On the longer side, there will also be a small pull-out table between the cooker and the basin. 

We've also decided on our basin and tap.. 
Yay to a 1 bowl basin!

And a flexi tap! (: A only pity is the lack of hot water for this part of the kitchen... 

In the second bedroom, which is also our study room, we'll be having a full length full height book shelf. It's almost like a dream come true. The top and bottom cabinets will have doors while the middle area will have clear class doors (: 

Today, I met Luke from Closet Design in the evening. I wasn't well since morning but had to head out to meet him since we've made our appointment and that we're running on a tight timeline. Feeling nauseated for almost the entire day is a nasty feeling. 

Anyway, our wardrobe is like a mini walk in wardrobe.. It's about 6.3ft long in the middle of our bedroom. It's gonna have black tinted bi-fold doors, allowing full access to the wardrobe easily. 

The layout will be akin to this but the cubby hole and drawer portion would be in the middle while the top and bottom rack would be on the extreme right.. the wardrobe would also be suspended, allowing for easy cleaning.. and there would even be space on top for luggage bags! 

I chose Latte for our wood as recommended by Luke.

They had plenty of colours for the glass door! We chose black tinted glass (: 

I can't wait for the renovation to be completed. I've got to start making arrangements for our shift soon (: 

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