Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 19 (Part 1): wardrobe complete + bookshelves

It has been rather quiet of late as we wait for carpentry work to be completed.. On Day 18, the partition for the wardrobe was up. I WAS FUMING MAD in the morning cos' they drilled wrong holes into my flooring. The measurements Luke took were probably wrong or miscommunication occurred between him and his workers causing this silly error to be made. They did rectify the problem but it did made me quite unhappy at the level of professionalism. In addition, he wasn't even around when work was started.. And the 2 workers didn't even consult the hubby who was around in the unit when they were unsure. 

Nevertheless, we have a beautiful mini walk in wardrobe.. that's good enough. (Details further down this post!) On Day 18, the partition wall was up.. the components were added on Day 19. 

On Day 19, I got to the unit after school.. thankfully it was a Friday so we ended a little earlier. We're just 2 weeks away from moving in! (: I saw these the moment I stepped out of the lift! (: 

Our cupboards (: 

Bright orange frames! 

When I got there, works for our bookshelves were up and running... 

Cupboard for the shorter side of the kitchen... 

The lower cabinets for the longer side of the kitchen! 

Towards the later half of the afternoon, the bookshelves were slowly taking its shape.. 

Our mini walk-in wardrobe was also completed! 

The unit is really small... and I didn't want a 4.5ft wardrobe if we were to use the wall outside the toilet.. So we did a compromise.. a longer wardrobe but tougher access to the bed.. The bed would be next to the partition board for the wardrobe. 

We opted for black tinted bi-fold doors..

4 panels! 

The side nearer to the toilet door does pose as an obstruction to get in.. but we'll figure a way out, we will! 

This is how the insides look like! (: 

Our bed would be on the right (: 

Clear bi-fold doors...

The pull out mirror! I will be keeping my cosmetics in the lower cubby hole so I can do my makeup here! The area is really dark now but it'll be better when our downlights are up! 

The mirror can be 'kept'... This section will house the dresses..

More shelves at the bottom... 

6 cubby holes! 

One rack for the tops..

Pull out drawers..

Another rack for the tops.. 

The area above also allows for storage... maybe our luggage bags! Or those clothing we hardly ever wear...

I really like this wardrobe as it's OPEN yet CLOSED. It has really accessible compartments (unlike typical wardrobes).. And the bottom is free from shelves etc... it means that I can easily clean the wardrobe.. It's OPEN in that sense.. and I can easily access EVERYTHING because of the bi-fold doors! 

On the other hand, the wardrobe is CLOSED because of the doors.. I need not fear the accumulation of dust on exposed open concept wardrobes.. OH I LOVE MY WARDROBE! (: Did I mention that I can even hide inside? XD

I was really happy with the wardrobe and the gradual completion of the bookshelf made me really happy.. 

The facilities downstairs were also slowly but surely being completed.. 


(Click on link to read more!)

Our contractor was fixing the upper cabinets onto the wall and he accidentally hit the water pipe. I was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. 

Water quickly gushed out of the hole, coming down the upper cabinets and saturating the counter top of the lower cabinet. I was probably in too much shock to register what really happened. But that, I'll leave to PART 2 of this post cos it's a really long story... 

After the drama, I was pretty shaken. I tried to find joy in other stuff but found it tough.. However, the shorter side of the unit was up.. and so was my pull-out table 1 so it made me a little happier.. 

There will be a 'leg' to support this table while still beautifully merging into the tall unit. This table will allow me to have more table space.. without the need for real space.. I do have another one of these tables on the other side of the kitchen too! 

Love the table! (: 

I also love the study.. the sofa bed is coming in here.. what we're short now is a small study table. We're still undecided as on where it should go... 

After the hoo-ha, the hubby and I headed home to rest.. He headed off for cell and I stayed home to rest as the week has been exhausting me.. 

I love the thunderstorm that occurred at around 7+pm... I spent the night watching tv and surfing taobao for more stuff I could possibly buy.. Ma returned home from her dinner and gifted us with these that she bought for us during the BHG sale she went to in the day! We're truly blessed in many many ways (: 


  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I'm thinking of the same concept of wardrobe in ur MBR just worries that it will make the room even smaller.
    One question after u had moved in and stay, u still happy with this concept?

    1. hello Kym,

      it will indeed make the room smaller.. but it's alright for me since I like the wardrobe the way it was done..

      It pretty much depends on your preference, really.


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