Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our dining hall is complete + buying direct from Taobao!

My 3rd tabao stash arrived yesterday (like FINALLY). This batch has the most important component, the dining table (: Now our place is complete (: 

Our dining set makes me very happy! (: Now I can comfortably host 8 pax on this table! Much excitement! This set costs us less than 1k in all... a similar themed set would set us 2k in SG! 

I sold away 2 of our red chairs and in exchange, got 2 black ones.. 

I got prepared for Children's Day too! (: Super adorable notebooks.

Adorable erasers...

Little capsule pen...

Pencil cases...


A little ottoman for putting on shoes..

With good storage space!

A knife block...

A holder for cutlery after washing..

Peeka disappointed me this time round with the late delivery (as opposed to the usual 2 weeks) and the bad management they had in terms of my delivery. No one turned up during my scheduled delivery time and after much chasing, the goods reached me 1.5 hours later than the scheduled time... 

And with that, I'm pretty glad that I started shipping direct from Taobao on my own! My Mandarin is like crap but I managed to liaise with the sellers and make my navigation around the website... Here are some of the stuff I got this time round.. Can't wait for the items to reach me soon! (: 

A bag that was on super sale from 285 yuan to 23 yuan! A polka dotted thermal food container..

A HK thermal food container for Shayna..

A top for only 5+ when H&M retails it for 19.90! A pretty pink dress...

A pretty printed dress...

Tees for work...

A skirt (:

A clock...

Stickers for my students at 1/3 the price I pay in SG!

I'm very excited for the items to reach us soon! (: 


  1. Hi

    You are such a great baker! Wish I could bake like you. BTW, my Mandarin is also crap but since Taobao started allowing SG customers to order direct since late last year, I hopped on the bandwagon too & dumped Peeka. OMG! The amount of savings you get without an agent is fantastic! Even with air freight its still cheaper than the agent that goes by sea freight with similar amount of weight! I need to work on my Mandarin becos I want to buy 100% solid wood sofa 3 seater from TB , one that is eco friendly wood and beocs TB official forwarders do not offer sea freight, I need to look for one myself on TB. Happy shopping directly with TB.

    1. i agree that direct is cheaper! but some times are better purchased and checked through an agent (:

  2. did both the dresses fit well? If so can you please advise me on the seller and size? Cause I'm about the same size as you :)

    1. yes they did but the pink one was rather snug. here's the link:

  3. Hi can u share the links for the tees? Thanks

    1. owl tee:
      black and white tee:

  4. Hi
    Can share with me which seller you bought the sofa bed?

  5. Hi!
    Considering dining table as well..
    Hows the quality of the wood for the dining table? Is it real wood or fake wood with for example laminate on top?

    1. The quality is good. It's real wood, 5 huge planks side by side.. It's a little raw though it's been treated. We placed a table runner on it and it's good!


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