Monday, October 6, 2014

Guilty as charged.. I shopped taobao again!

I'm terrible. I shopped taobao again.. My previous 2 batches via 4px are still stuck at the Shenzhen custom but I've started shopping again! This time round, I'm getting more baking packing as well as clothes and even a sports bra and shoes. (: Shopping at Taobao is truly addictive with the cheaper prices... I get to stretch my dollar with it! (: So here's a sneak at what I bought... this time round I'm buying it through another forwarder lequgo..

A book stand!

A mini skirt.. I accidentally ordered an extra one though! 

A simple black dress.

Printed dresses for work!
Box packaging!

Red pens for marking! 

A new tee and dress! 

Several belts...

New Balance shoes.. only about 15 dollars prior to shipping! 
A very pretty serving tray! 


A simple sports bra...

And of course, more packaging!!

I love taobao shopping so much! (: 

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