Sunday, November 2, 2014

Short trip to Hong Kong

On Friday evening, I took a flight to Hong Kong. 

I took the flight via Cathay with the brother in law. 

I love plane food!

There was a delay so we ended up reaching an hour later. We only slept at 2+am.. 

Vacations are my favourite but this time round, we are in HK with with a heavy heart. The men of the family went on to settle some issues while ma and I went for breakfast. 
My favourite beef satay noodles (: 

Pa came down from Guangzhou to meet us and we had lunch as a family.. Love the food! 
Charsiew buns with a polo bun like crust. 

Roasted Charsiew that was so juicy and fat! 

Coconut red bean jelly with Osmanthus jelly.

We then went to the supermarket to stock up.. love how they have ready packed stuff!   
On our way home, yipo packed a huge slab of suckling pork for us to much on! 

We then went back to rest before heading to the funeral parlour at night. Life is indeed short. Really cliché but treasure your loved ones. 

We returned home and had our luggage packed. Thankful that we did meet some relatives despite the short trip there. 

The bil and I left for the airport at 6+ in the morning.. We wanted a later flight but it was all packed. Didn't help that the tickets were mad expensive. But money isn't everything. 

We checked in and went shopping.. I got cookbooks!  
I'm bent to cook better for the hubby. 

Joey and I then had breakfast part 1 at McDonald's where we spotted these gems! 

I love airplane food. 

Beautiful sky. 

Got some liquor stocked up in our local DFS. 

It's been a really really short trip. It was a costly trip cos the ticket was mad expensive but I knew I just had to be there even though the husband told me not to. It helps to sit next to someone you love though there was nothing much I could do.. I hope I also managed to bring some joy to yipo.  

Life is short. Health is wealth. It's never too late to tell someone you love them. 


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