Friday, November 14, 2014

Kushi Dining Bar: great place for Japanese buffet

I've been away for a really long time. Even though I have my own dream kitchen now, work has really taken a toll on me. The second semester is usually really busy and I am usually too knocked out to even bake. So I've not been blogging for eons... Here's a really belated entry XD

During the September Holidays, I had the honour of visiting Kushi Dining Bar for lunch. It was a happy day so I wore my polka dotted dress! 

I was still recovering from my cough and flu then but I was really glad that I could head out for a breather. 

Kushi Dining Bar is located at Hotel Royal Singapore in Newton. It's a lovely quaint restaurant with really good food. The hubby and I are fans of Japanese buffets and I believe that this place is perfect for us!  

I had the joy of meeting Sophia for lunch and we had a really good chat while dining! Kushi is unlike many one price fits all Japanese buffet restaurants we have been to. They have 3 different menus that you can choose to your liking! That way, you don't have to pay too much for something in the menu that doesn't whet your fancy (:

We kicked start lunch with this tofu appetiser. The chef was a genius. The tofu had a lovely bite to it and the sauce was century egg based. It made me want more of it as I ate it! 

Fresh sashimi just makes me a really happy person! 

I had the most amazing Wagyu steak too.. I'm salivating as I'm writing this entry. 

Bacon wrap anything is good... We had cheese, quail egg and cherry tomato! 

The scallop and chicken were beautifully grilled..

This cheese stick tempura will definitely make the hubby a very happy man.

I was also given the chance to try the eel tempura. This just melted so nicely in my mouth when I had it...

The lobster porridge was comforting to the tummy and the lobster flesh was so sweet!

These were a few of the items I had and I was stuffed to be having more.. This is definitely a place I would head back when I am craving for a good Japanese buffet. I'd love to take my family here too.. I can imagine my fil and dad loving the food here as much as I do! Here's a peek at the prices of the 3 menus! 

Here's where you can find more details of the various menus
There's also an option where one can top up for free flow beer... The hubby is bound to LOVE that!!!! Kushi is a quaint restaurant and only has few seats so the chef can concentrate on serving good food to diners! As such, reservations, especially for dinner, is highly recommended. 

Just speaking of Kushi and looking at the photos from my meal there is making me drool. I shall head over there soon to satisfy my sashimi and waygu steak craving!! (: 

So do visit Kushi Dining Bar is you're looking for some good Japanese buffet! (: 

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