Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Royal High Tea with Délifrance

I had the privilege to be invited to Délifrance French Royal High-tea on Saturday. I was excited cos' I love croissants and Délifrance happened to be launching their new Heritage Croissant on Saturday. They've introduced 2 sweet and savoury croissants in addition to the existing savoury choices that the hubby and I adore. I love the egg mayo, tuna and seafood one while the hubby simply loves the egg mayo ones. I still fondly remember having them when I was much younger as a child. My mum and grandma would order 2 - 3 of different fillings and we'd mix and match the fillings on our own so we could have the best of both/all worlds. My grandma loved their cappuccino and as we grew up and that grandma passed on, we've not really visited Délifrance any more. I do still pop by once in a while for my croissant/ciabatta fix or... for my favourite fruit tart! XD

In any case, I made my way to UE Square on Saturday morning dressed in my happy dress!

When I reached UE Square, I was blown away by the 4 types of croissants that were offered to us. 

We were entertained by a mime who was really good at his job. He even did a great job juggling croissants! There was a quiz too and vouchers were given out as prizes. Well, the best part came after that.... food! 
Turkey Bacon and Chicken Ham
Almond Poulet

Délifrance's heritage croissants, made using the finest ingredients. 

The 2 sweet varieties of the Heritage croissants are limited edition ones so do go try them! 
The Strawberry and Cheese Cheese one was a hit! 
The Hazelnut with Almond Flakes

Personally, I love the savoury ones better. I like the Almond Poulet in particular. There's just something good and interesting in meat with almonds that intrigues me! 
We were spoilt rotten. I even got to take home some croissants to share with my family and hubby. 

We also had a little 'competition' to design our own croissants. 

Mine was a combination of sweet and savoury components. I wanted to top it with a strawberry rose but putting on gloves while preparing it really hindered my movements >.< 

Nevertheless, it was still yummy even though I didn't win the competition. 

Do try the 4 flavours! (: 

The plain Heritage Croissants are retailing at a promo price of $2.50 till 1 March 2015. After which, it can be purchased at $2.80 each or $8.90 for a pack of 4 (I can buy it to DIY sandwiches!!!!!). 

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