Friday, May 1, 2015

Pandan Kaya using bread machine

Mummy loves kaya and this has been on list for a week or so... I finally got done to making this bottle of pandan kaya since I was free today. Gosh, the smell of freedom excites me. I slept early last night without setting an alarm for this morning. I had my fill of sleep so I was pumped up for baking. 

I made use of the bread machine the hubby got for me a long time ago. It's a Kenwood BM 250. I made use of the jam function to make this Kaya. This kaya is relatively simple to make and it's really fragrant. I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5 and it takes about 1.5 hours in all to make. 

Pandan Kaya Recipe
makes 1 bottle of jam 

3 eggs (55-60g each)
320g castor sugar (already reduced)
8 blades of pandan leaves 
350ml coconut milk 

All ingredients to be of room temperature 

Cut and wash the pandan leaves

Add pandan leaves to coconut milk and blend

All blended

Add eggs to sugar 

Whisk gently to combine till sugar dissolves

Sieve coconut pandan mixture into egg mixture


Whisk gently to combine

Pour into bread machine and chose jam mode. I'm using Kenwood BM 250.

Mixing for this model will only occur in the first 5 minutes. It'll cook the jam after that. Do give it the occasional stir. My kaya was grainy after cooking likely because I used cold coconut milk. Blend it to bring it to a smooth mixture (I used my food processor). Pour into a glass jar and allow mixture to cool before closing the lid and storing in the fridge. 

The kaya was really fragrant and not too sweet. It's best consumed within 3 days and probably a max of a week with refrigeration. Have fun with it! 


  1. Hi Cynthia, does your have a coconut oil taste? I tried making and it has the coconut oil taste. Thank you!

    1. hello,

      nope it doesnt.. what kind of coconut milk did you use?

  2. HI Cynthia , I'm so glad to read in your blogs. It's maybe helpful and educating blog. Great kind of information's of using bread machine.

  3. BreadloverlovesbreadSeptember 1, 2015 at 2:31 AM

    Hi Cynthia, I'm gonna try making pandan kaya with my BM after reading your sharing! Thanks for the clear step to step guide! Just curious, can we use pandan paste instead of pandan leaves/blades to mix with the coconut milk? Will it affect the kaya texture and taste?


    1. hello,

      the beauty in the recipe is the use of fresh pandan leaves.. not sure why you'd wanna use paste instead

  4. Waiting to see how my kaya will turn out. It's in my Kenwood BM450! So excited. Surprisingly mine stirs and cook at the same time. Save me lots of trouble!

  5. I love to bake using bread maker,very nice post, got very useful information from your blog, thanks

  6. Would love to try making this using my bread machine!!!!!


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