Monday, September 21, 2015

Daily Delights at Triple Tree Mandarin Orchard

2 weeks ago, the mil and I went on a date to Triple Tree for a dinner! We were blessed to be introduced to the series of Daily Delights that are available on the menu, changed on a daily basis. 

In short, their specials are as follow:
Monday: Robatayaki
Tuesday: Foie Gras
Wednesday: Wagyu Beef
Thursday: TsukijiThursday Seafood Market
Friday & Saturday: Lobster Mentaiyaki
Sunday: Family lunch

These Daily Delights change from day to day in addition to the extensive spread of great food they have! Let me take you on a tour! (: 

Lots of fresh seafood...

Akagai, special for Thursdays.. 

The huge array of sashimi cos' it was a Thursday! 

The oyster bar!

The oysters were so succulent! 

Check out the huge slab of prosciutto! 

That Uni! 

There was a risitto station! 

Hot dishes...

Roast Chicken and ham! 

The adorable chefs! (:

Croquette and breaded ebi!

A huge slab of roast beef! 

A dedicated tempura station.. the chef fries them fresh!!! 

Some dimsum perhaps?

The dessert table was impressive


A huge spread! 


Mini macarons

Kueh Lapis

Lemon meringue tart, which I really liked!

Mango passionfruit cake.. 

An interesting local tough of potong ice cream! 

Chocolate cake

Strawberry shortcake

Mango mirror mousse

Dessert cups

The tart was so beautiful!

The yuzu coconut cups were amazing. I think the hubby would love it!

Classic New York Cheesecake

There was even a hot/warm pineapple cobbler

An array of bread

To match the cheese

There was also an interesting array of Indian delights!

The chef behind the sashimi station!

There was also a station for Laksa and Bah Kut Teh! Seriously a spread that spoils one! 

A shot with my dearest mil! (: 

We were treated to a spread! 

On Mondays, the Robatayaki spread involves lots of lovely grilled food. My personal favourite would have to be the chicken wings! 

Image courtesy of Triple Tree

On Tuesday, it's Foie Gras night! This is the popular night where lovers of Foie Gras gather. We had a glass of the mousse but it was too rich for my liking. It may tickle the fancy of a Foie Gras lover.

The pan seared Foie Gras with daikon was amazing. I don't usually fancy Foie Gras but this was delicious! 

The Foie Gras Chawanmushi was the best of the lot. The saltiness of the Foie Gras coupled with the softest ever Chawanmushi I have ever had. Even better than the ones I had in Tokyo.

Insanely good!

Image courtesy of Triple Tree

Image courtesy of Triple Tree

Image courtesy of Triple Tree

On Wednesdays, it's Wagyu Beef Night. I'm kinda tied between Wagyu Beef night, Tsukiji Market Thursdays or Friday/Saturday Mentaiyaki Lobster. I think this might be my favourite of them all.. but yet I love the other 2 just as much! *too tough to decide!*

The beef was PERFECT. In fact, I'm planning to visit again! 
On Thursdays, it's Tsukiji Market night.. the freshest sashimi that spoils me! 

Ma and I were happy people! 

We also had crab and oysters. Those oysters? They were to die for. 

Slurps! Makes me salivate just thinking of it.

You can tell how much I liked it right? HEH. 

There's also the Mini Chirashi on Thursday, filled with the best goodies, all in one mini bowl. 

Image courtesy of Triple Tree

On Fridays and Saturdays, it's Lobster Mentaiyaki night. You know my recent obsession for mentaiko? This is perfect for it.

The best part of it? It's free flow! XD 

Image courtesy of Triple Tree

Image courtesy of Triple Tree

On Sundays, the family brunch is good for families as the kids are entertained at the Kid's Corner while the adults dine. Of course, the kids enjoy the spread too! 

The mil and I were so full but well, there's always room for dessert.  

We wiped almost everything off the plate cos it was so good. See, we have 2 stomachs. One for food and another for dessert. heh. 

We also had the coconut ice-cream which was really refreshing. Ma and I loved it! 

So, do visit Triple Tree for your Japanese Buffet Fix! Also, in October, there's the Hokkaido week where lots of great Hokkaido goodies are brought in for our enjoyment! 

The prices for Triple Tree are as follow: 

Sunday to Wednesday: $88++ (Adult), $33++ (Child 6 to 12 yrs)
Thursday - $98++ (Adult); $33++ (Child 6 to 12 yrs)
Fri/Sat & Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday
$108++ (Adult), $42++ (Child 6 to 12 yrs)
More details can be found on the website here

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