Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hokkaido Harvest at Triple Three

Last night, the hubby and I had a date. We were invited to the launch of Hokkaido Harvest at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard Hotel. I've been wanting to visit this special event since I last heard of it and we're truly honoured to be able to visit. 

Hokkaido Harvest is a special season of 12 days starting from 21 November till 1 November 2015, available for dinner and Sunday brunch. Many special Hokkaido products are flown in and specially showcased. Let me share the spread with you! (: 

A spread of sushi...

I love the sashimi spread from the Tsukiji Market corner

Love the seafood spread!!!

Cold cuts


My other favourite: oysters!

Assortment of Japanese dishes

Roasted Lamb which I enjoyed so much... best with my favourite mint jelly! 




REALLY GOOD BEEF with onions and pumpkin.

Roast beef.

Robayataki station

and the super adorable chef! heh!

Indian Naan with mentaiko and seaweed! Super special!

The chef let me in seeing that I was so interested in the making of the naans! Heh. It was really warm inside but I was so amazed.. It's all charcoal cooked, no wonder it's so fragrant!

Matcha and Azuki puddings!

Assortment of bread

My beloved hubby and I (:

For the grand opening, a 40kg Kindai bluefin tuna was cut in a special ceremony by Guest Chef Kimura Tomoo and Triple Three's chef, Sam Chin. It was ENORMOUS. 

I couldn't resist shots with it! (: It's great knowing that the Kindai bluefin tuna served is a more sustainable option as compared to wild caught tunas. 

The skills of the chefs had us in awe.

Each table was served with a portion of the tuna. It was so sweet it sent me to sashimi heaven (: 

Of course, we had other sashimi! And sake too! (: 

Love the Hokkaido Chirashi

and these oysters! I'd probably have eaten like 10 if not for the fact that it's bad taking too many of them. XD 

King Crab.. White top shell (really good!!!!!)... snow crab.. clams! 

I really love my oysters.

My other favourite, Mentaiko Lobster. I had 3 of these babies! 


Ramen from the specialised Ramen station!

Not forgetting the beautiful dessert spread. 


Cheese station!



The special Hokkaido Yuzu Cheesecake

Lovely spread isn't it? Go try it! For a limited period till 1 November!

From 6.30pm to 10pm daily (Till 1 November that is!) and Sunday brunch
$128++ for adults and $42++ for children between the age of 6 to 12

For UOB credit card members, enjoy a 50% discount for every second adult diner (up to 8 diners per card)

I'd recommend that you do reservations. Make your reservations online at or give them a buzz at 6381 6288

Enjoy the spread! 

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