Friday, September 18, 2015

My new Joyoung Noodle Machine

I have a new noodle machine and it's making me extremely excited. I've been toying with the idea of one since like forever but I've never gotten to getting one. Now I do!! 

Having fun with my noodle machine!!
Posted by Cynthia Lim on Sunday, 13 September 2015
Yesterday, I had fun with it as I tried making some egg noodles! It was so much fun.. I played with the various attachments and was fascinated! 

Tonight, I made a batch of carrot juice noodles. I should have juiced my own carrot juice. However, I was just too tired after my very first day of Term 4. Didn't help that we had a super long and stressful meeting that ended close to 5pm! So... I decided to make some fresh noodles for my mason jar salads which I haven't made in quite a while. 

Tonight, I'm playing with some carrot juice noodles! Should have juiced my own carrots though! It's lots of fun.. I'm gonna use it for my mason jar salad for work tomorrow! BTW, this is a Joyoung noodle machine! (: got it from taobao!
Posted by Cynthia Lim on Monday, 14 September 2015

The noodle machine is fun to play with! The one I have comes with 7 attachments for noodles/dumplings/pasta. I'm excited to be trying more noodle recipes to come! 

The 7 attachments for various noodles! (: 

There's an attachment for penne, noodles of 3 thickness (thick, skinny [think mee kia!] and angel hair/mee sua), noodles with 2 widths (linguine and one that's really fat) and a dumpling skin mould! The noodles can be made fresh and cooked.. or made in advance and stored in the refrigerator or a cool dry place based on how it was dried. 

I'm excited to be sharing more recipes for it as I explore the different attachments for the machine. Do keep a look out for new updates! (:

If you're keen in the machine, here is the link! Do check out the seller's shop for lots of other great gadgets too! (What should I have next?) Btw, I usually use 4px.. (pppst, read my Taobao tutorial here!) I tried out the new Direct Shipping Method bypassing the warehouse bit (like in the case of 4px).. It saved me the hassle of having to do coordination of the consolidation of parcels. I shipped only this 1 parcel for the trial.. it works with multiple parcels too. 

However, you'd have to check out the entire order and choose the option. The fees will be auto calculated and the items go straight to your doorstep, bypassing the need for consolidation of shipping. I will be trying this service again with a larger parcel (consolidated) and I'll update with a little more information! 

In any case, happy Taobao shopping! (: 

This Joyoung noodle machine was given by Joyoung (Taobao) for review. No monetary remuneration was given. Reviews are purely my opinions. 


  1. Hi Cynthia

    Does this seller have the Singapore 3 point plug or the Hong Kong plug whichever one is fine as HK has the same electrical plug as us? I find it easier without buying/plugging/unplugging an adaptor.

    How easy is it to clean the square plastic container where your noodles churn?
    How easy is it to clean the various moulds?



    1. Hello May,

      I used an adaptor for it.. the head (plug) can be changed but I'll wait till my fil is back from his trip overseas to change it for me..

      It was easy to clean the containers when the dough has dried up, especially for the moulds. Just use a skewer and pop the dried dough out of the holes (:


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