Monday, April 23, 2012

Do you read this blog?

It just got me wondering.. if those who read my blog do really try out the recipes here.

I guess it's always been me sharing the recipes.. and of course, it's great joy to be doing so!

Now, maybe I can try something new.. If you've used any of my recipes here to bake/cook something. how bout sharing it with me? ((: You can comment on the blog post itself.. or add me on facebook at to share with me what you've done so far. Or better still, if you blog, drop me your link in the comments section so that I can learn from you too!

Do leave me comments.. 
After all, we're here to learn from one another!


  1. just gotta know your blog from fb making food with love group...great one! let me try some of the recipes soon


  2. Thanks Genie! Hope that the recipes here are of help to you! (:

  3. yes darling..totally helps especially the step by step r good!


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