Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My journey thus far.

I'm pretty happy that this blog has come a long way. The initial idea of blogging to keep track of my baking experiences has evolved into a baking and cooking blog as I try to cook and bake more for my family and friends. So I thought it'd be nice to give my readers (yes, you!) a glimpse of who I am. (:

I'm Cynthia, a 24 year old Trainee Teacher. Being a trainee teacher doesn't give me much free time but baking's one of my passions and I love to bake for my loved ones. It's one of the way I destress. I've got an awesome partner, also known as my favourite boy who's a supporter of my cooked food and bakes. I've also got my family who are occasionally my guinea pigs for the stuff that I cook XD

My journey as a baker started in my secondary school and didn't 'grow' till my dad got the family a small oven. It was big enough to bake a 6 inch cake, an upgrade from our previous toaster oven so I started experimenting with things like Pineapple Tarts from scratch, Mini Fruit Tarts and cakes. I fell in love with the fact that I can bake all these stuff in the comfort of my home and I baked my first real Chocolate Banana Cake from scratch. It's just by God's grace that I succeeded in doing so and it opened my eyes to many other bakes that I later took on. 

I also hopped onto the Happy Call Pan craze and started experimenting with cooking. I'm not as talented in cooking as I am in baking but I'm learning. I'm exploring. I've also recently acquired my Kitchen Art Pot so I'm exploring all types of cooking too.

In addition, I've recently acquired a new oven and an awesome storage shelf by the grace of God against several odds. Indeed, mustard seed faith is more than enough. 

Just like the vision I saw God gave me, to use my talent in cooking and baking to bring people together, I'm doing what I can to do so. I've been on my vacation and so I've been baking for my cell group, my other family. I've also managed to cook a feast for 21 together with some other cell group members. Indeed, it's a blessing to be able to bless someone around me.

So, as I embark on this journey to share the recipes through step by step image recipes, I do hope that my recipes will help you fall in love with cooking and baking. (: Meanwhile, I'm gonna have loads of fun in the kitchen and I'm looking forward to our first home being ready in 2014/2015 so that I can have a kitchen all to myself. Till then, enjoy your stay here! (:


  1. Very nice blog will continue to visit it!

  2. Hi Joel!

    Thanks for your encouragement! (:
    Do enjoy your stay here!



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