Friday, July 20, 2012

Breakfast Cups

These Breakfast Cups are just so awesome to eat just because it's got eggs that's semi-cooked the way I love it! I also have these for tea as they're just so good. This is one of my personal favourites for a quick meal fix! They take merely 30 mins or less to prepare and cook and tastes just too good to be true.

Breakfast Cups Recipe
This recipe yields 2 breakfast cups

2 eggs
2 slices of bread
5 mini cheese sausage

Some butter to butter the ramekins
Some salt
Some black pepper

**UPDATED 31 July 2012**

You can use silicon baking cups for these Breakfast Cups too! They are easier to clean up as compared to Ramekins though they are less pretty! (:

Preheat an oven to 180 degree Celsius. The quick ingredients! I just love how cheap and tasty these frozen cheese sausages are! (:

Do butter the insides of the ramekins to prevent sticking. This dish WILL stick to the ramekin but since it's so pretty and it can be soaked off after eating, I guess a lil' scrubbing's fine! Else, you can use silicon muffin trays!

Defrost 5 cheese sausages with a mixture of hot water and lukewarm water (ratio 1:2) just so it's quick enough to soften the sides of the sausage but not hot enough to defrost the insides of the cheese sausage.

Slice the bread according to the arrows! The area left inside should fit the base of your ramekin.

Trip off 2 sides of the crust so that it can fit the ramekin.

Fold! (:

Fit it into the ramekin perfectly! 

Stuff 1/2 a sliced cheese sausage in each ramekin.. it may seem real full but shove it in! ((: you need the space for the egg!

Crack an egg into the ramekin! Season with some pepper and salt and bake in the oven for 15 minutes or till egg is done the way you like it!

To make 'patterned' sausages, slit the sausage with a small knife as indicated in this picture. 

Boil some water and boil the sausages for about 5 minutes.

Allow the sausages to 'open up' before you remove them from the water.

Drain dry! (:

My perfect Breakfast Cup! If it's still too wobbly when you remove it, you can cover it with aluminium foil and let it 'cook' for another 2 minutes or so. 

Gosh, this picture just makes me salivate! 

Enjoy your breakfast cups!

I'd love to see the bakes or stuff you've cooked using the blog's recipe! Do share photos of stuff you've baked or cooked using the blog's recipe with me either via FB message to OR OR via email at! I look forward to hearing from you! (: 


  1. I made some egg cups sometime ago, quite similar to yours but I made mine in muffin cups. ;)

    1. Hello Baby Sumo!

      Those are pretty! I LOVE runny eggs like you! I tried mine in a silicon muffin tray too! So much easier to clean XD ((:

  2. Where did you buy those sausages? I want to try this my son loves to eat eggs and sausages.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I got them from NTUC! (: the frozen section.. usually at 4-5 bucks per pack (:

  3. Hi,

    Where can buy ramakin?


    1. Hello taredolphin,

      most bakeware shops have them (: Phoon Huat in Singapore has them! (:
      Do ensure that the ramekins are oven safe though as some are just for serving food and not oven-proof.

      Hope this helps!


  4. hi!
    I wonder, can I cake this using paper cups, like those use to bake Hokkaido Cupcakes?
    I don;t have ramekins.

    1. Hello bigbuttgal!

      sure! paper cups works just as well! (:


  5. what temperature shd the oven be set to for baking this?

    1. Hello,

      The temperature is indicated in the recipe.
      It's 180 degree Celsius.

  6. hi... if i don't have oven.. can i bake this using air fryer instead??


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