Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Baking: Gebera Fruit Basket

I baked this Gebera Fruit Basket 2 Thursdays ago in class.. Loving the design very much! I guess it really takes a steady pair of hands to pipe pretty designs on a cake! Can't wait to hone my skills.. 

On the other hand, school is wearing me out. It's merely Week 5 of 12 weeks and I'm already close to my 'panic' mode, which isn't a good sign. My gastric is back and I get worn out much easier.

On a lighter note, the fav boy has gotten me a Kenwood BM250 Bread Machine! A bread machine has been something I've been eyeing on but haven't gotten the chance to purchase. Just really blessed that the fav boy gifted me with one!

This is the very first loaf I baked last night, my Chocolate Loaf using the PaiBao recipe sister Jenia shared with me. The family loved it and I enjoyed the bread even on it's own when I'm not a fan of 'plain' bread! The bread's just so soft and tasty! 

Right now, I've got a Sausage Loaf proofing and ready to bake soon in a while.. I'm really excited! 


  1. 鲜花是很美,可是不要把它插在蛋糕上,因为有很多农药的

    1. Casrine, 谢谢你的夸奖! 我用了保鲜子来包那朵花所以应该没什么问题 (:



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