Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So, as some of you may know of have realised, this blog was closed/restricted/blocked by Blogger for about 9 days. This was due to some malware detection made by their autobot but being the careful person I am, I've always played my part to ensure that there's no malware in this blog so that it's easily accessible for all my readers without 'infecting' you with viruses.

It has been real tough for me as I fret every day for the blog.. thinking of the next steps I should take. So this morning, I'm definitely glad that Blogger has removed the block and now, the blog is back to normal. I maybe making some changes/adjustments.. Just not too sure where to go from now though.. 

Till then, enjoy the CNY snack recipes, especially the Pineapple Roses recipe! I'll be back to blog the recipe for the Fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake I baked earlier today! Till then, please do hang around! (: 

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