Thursday, January 3, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 2: The Proposal

So, it's been 2+ months since we've been engaged. 27 October 2012. The favourite boy sure knows how to catch me off guard. As our anniversary is on the 3rd of October, I didn't want him to 'recycle' date.. So, even though we purchased our rings in late September (Yes I picked my own ring!), I was waiting for THE PROPOSAL! One thing great bout' purchasing my ring with him, even though it wasn't much of a surprise was that I get to pick what I like. Many men that I know of, including Mr Chu would just walk into the shop, see the rings available, pick the first one and just make payment. I'm just glad that I picked out my ring from Lee Hwa with a great price. Totally digging my solitaire of 0.4 carat with a great colour and cut! We got it at half price as well. (: Talk about great bargains! 

Anyway, as this blog post is image intensive, please click on the link below to get to the whole story (: 

Anyway, coming back to the proposal, we had my birthday celebration as lazy as can be at home before we went shopping in shorts and stuff. I did think he'd propose on my birthday but nope, it didn't happen. Come Saturday, it was a day for our church service at 5pm in Singapore Expo. Our cell group leader Bryna had asked me out for lunch so I agreed. But as I was doing some marking in the morning, I met her an hour later than we had originally agreed upon. When I was heading out, I asked my mum if I could hitch a ride in her car to the train station. She mentioned that she was heading to Expo as well and that she could send me there. No, it didn't seen fishy to me even though my sister Wendy tagged along as my mum's just such a shopalolic (now you know why I love to shop too!).

I met Bryna for lunch at Hans in Changi City Point since the fav boy had some choir practice (which was common). I still remember vividly complaining to her about Billy not having proposed yet! She was tellling me to wait patiently! She was texting non-step during lunch but it didn't seem fishy as she's our CGL, she's definitely got her fair share of busy afternoons. And just as we were almost done with our lunch, a bunch of our cell group members appeared with a slice of cake for me! It sure came as a surprise to me as I didn't expect them to pop by! So after the cake bit, we left for service as we were kinda late for prayer meeting.

The walk to Hall 1 sure is long and I was definitely looking forward to service. As we got to the first entrance that we usually go in by, I saw my other CGL, Cindy, outside the hall. She asked if we saw another one of my members and I remember telling her no. She then mentioned that we were sitting on the other side of the hall (WEIRD!) so she asked us to enter by the other entrance. So we did. Next thing I knew, I saw a whole bunch of my friends, family and of course, Mr Chu. 

Imagine my shock. My first words were "W*F is this?" HAHAHA! 

Then, Mr Chu serenaded me with Lost in You by Westlife. Such a beautiful song (: 


After which, he came forward with his 'speech' and asked me to marry him. The boards with the words "Will you marry me?" were raised by family and loved ones. Well, of course, I AGREED! (: The rest they say, is history. 

Apparently, Mr Chu had the proposal planned for sometime now.. but as he was sent to Klang for 2 weeks just weeks before my birthday, he panicked! He passed the baton to Bryna to plan and also did his planning from Klang. On that day, apparently I was 'late' as they had been preparing hours ago! I was 'scolded' for taking such a long time to finish my lunch! Bryna was actually texting Billy the whole time telling him how slowly I was eating! HAHAH!

Anyway, I'm really thankful for my family, his family and all our friends and loved ones for being part of the proposal and all of them really had me fooled. I guess not being very suspicious of things made it easier for them to plan. (: In any case, that's Mr Chu's proposal to me. (: And with that, we were engaged! 

Keith took photographs for us throughout the entire event so as pictures speak a thousand words, here are some of the photographs from the day.

The boys preparing.

Loads of 'supporters'!

Even his family came along (:

The boys were hard at work.

One rehearsal just wasn't enough. They've been rehearsing on nights I thought he was working too!

Sound check!

Mr Chu briefing the girls. (: That's my mum and sis at the back!

My balloons!

Singing and singing..

My bouquet of roses! I still have them as I dried them to keep them (:

The balloons!

Even my ex-cell group from AMKMC were here! (: 

The tags.. rehearsing!

Beautiful isn't it?

All prepped! To think cheeky papa Chu 'got' numbers 3177 from the WILL tags and even wanted to buy 4D with it! 


Band of brothers.

Cheeky fellas!

I bet they were all pretty nervous!


And I appeared!

In shock.

Hello fav boy (:

It sure takes a fair bit of guts to do so in public!

In shock.. still in shock.

Couldn't believe my eyes.

And this shot is just so funny cos of Sean's expression. 

Esther the videographer!

The tags and the balloons!

My roses (:

His 'speech'.

Still in disbelief.


My beautiful ring (:

Kiss and hug for the fav boy!

"She said YES!"


Saying hi to my awesome Sandra! (:

So much joy and laughter!

Having fun!

Totally like a MP here waving thank you XD


Band of brothers who helped him with the song! They're our brothers for the wedding too!

Mingling around!

LOVE this shot cos' it's before Shayna ran to hug her aunty Cynthia (:

Beautiful bunch of roses.

His family, us, my mum and sis (:

My sisters for the big day too! They were telling me how 'nervous' they were!

Mummy and Sand! (:

The whole group of us!

So, it was definitely a wonderful Saturday where so many of our friends and loved ones came together to help us with our proposal. So here's a BIG THANK YOU to all that were part of it! (: LOVE LOVE! 


  1. God is Great all the Time! God Bless :P

  2. Absolutely Romantic!! All the best to the both of you. May God bless your marriage always!!


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