Friday, January 4, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 3: Our bridal package

Here's a sneek peek at the evening gown for my Actual Day banquet! 

As we all know, what's a wedding without beautiful wedding gowns? It's said to be the only white dress that would make every girl the prettiest girl that very day of their wedding. So, of course for Our Big Day, I want to don a beautiful white wedding gown and walk down the aisle to the favourite boy who would be eager to marry me! (:

Image taken from this website.

So, we needed a bridal studio that could provide us with the rental of gowns, make-up as well as photography for our pre-weddding shoot as well as actual day. We visited close to 15 bridal studios both locally and in JB to hunt for the right one. Trust me, bridal visiting is a very tiring process. I'll be blogging more about what some of the local studios as well as JB studios offered us. 

As the entry is relatively long, please click on the link below to read more! (: 

In any case, we finally decided on Seletar Broadway Bridal Studio located in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. They had the dream gown I saw in another bridal studio previously and they offered a really comprehensive package that had almost everything we needed. At $3,188, it has a lot of stuff that we needed and more. Of course, the price is not inclusive of GST. With GST, it runs up to $3411.16.

It seemed steep as compared to our initial budget of $2,500 to $3,000 but they really offered most stuff that we had, minus the actual day photographer. One of the main factors we considered was the availability of gown as well as convenience of location. The availability of the gown was essential as despite having visited 15 odd bridal studios, many DID NOT carry gowns that I liked! I tried gowns in almost every bridal studio but there were barely any that caught my fancy. I must have been really picky I guess!  Also, being only a mere distance from my home and also the favourite boy's workplace, this studio offered us easy access for the multiple visits that we had to make to the bridal studio!

With the other bridal we visited, Fame Bridal in Yishun, I found my dream gown. A perfect gown for me. We were really tempted to take up the package with Fame Bridal but I had more bridal studios arranged for us to visit before we come to a decision. When we got to Seletar Broadway and saw this very same gown I loved from Fame Bridal, I was overjoyed. Seletar offered us a better package at a better price. With that, we signed our bridal package with Mei Qing, our coordinator. 

Here are the details of our bridal package. I believe that as compared to many other 'branded' coutures in Singapore, this price we paid really gave us a very comprehensive package. This would probably set us back double or triple the price in more prestigious bridal studios. 

We really liked what Seletar Bridal offered as well as the level of comfort we got from being in the store. Trust me, some bridal studios can make you feel really uncomfortable. We did enjoy ourselves in Seletar Broadway and true enough, our second visit for my bridal fitting was fun too! (Pictures and details in another blog post coming soon!)

With this, I'm pretty sure we'll enjoy ourselves with the package we've gotten from the bridal studio. Now that we've selected my bridal gowns and evening gowns, I can't wait for our photoshoot in March! (:


  1. Does it make always sense to get a wedding package from a studio? My experience is that brides often realize later on that some things are not top quality / cut corners here and there. What are you ideas about that?

  2. Hello,

    I think there's more pros then cons. It's definitely cheaper going ala carte.. of course, the only best part of going ala carte is that you can choose the best of everything you want (:


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