Monday, March 18, 2013

Food Review: Paul at Takashimaya

A couple of weeks back, the fav boy, Hong Bin, Bryna and I had a date. We caught up with each other and shared thoughts on our wedding preparation. They're getting married in June and she's gonna be my wedding coordinator too! We had dinner in Lucky Plaza and adjourned to Paul at Takashimaya for a chat. 

The atmosphere was pretty decent and the staff were relatively friendly. We ordered a few snacks to share. 

Their speciality, chocolate cake was claimed as a sponge cake by the waiter. Well, this cake was dense and nothing to brag about, the waiter could have mentioned that this was just a slice of rich chocolate cake rather than a sponge cake. If it were to be a sponge cake, I'd expect so much more. 

The fruit tart was pretty to look at and I loved it! The tart was still crunchy despite the filling. Something I really appreciate in a tart. (:

The apricot pie was good too. Not too sweet, just the right texture.

The combo was a supposed good deal but the though of another slice of the chocolate cake made us shudder. The yellow macaron, flavour I can't remember was pretty good. Not too sweet and it has perfect feet! The pink macaron was decent but the jam was a miserly option. A cream would have been much more apt. The creme brulee was horrid. Creme Brulees are meant to be warm with an awesome crunchy and sticky top but this dessert was plain cold.

Bryna and Hong Bin did enjoy their pot of Earl Grey tea though.

Based on these few items and the prices we paid for the snacks, I wouldn't go back for another round unless I've got a major craving for the 2 tarts. Such a pity cos' it's a really pretty place to gather and spend a lazy time together! 

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