Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Marbled Eggs

So, as Easter is approaching, eggs are somewhat loved by many even though it doesn't have much true meaning in relation to the purpose/significance of Easter. Here's a really simple recipe for Marbled Eggs for any parties that you may have or even a simple treat for kids! I've used gel food colouring in these eggs as they're the easier way out but you may definitely seek alternative natural food colouring options like Pandan Leaves for green, Blue Pea Flowers for blue, Beetroot for red so on and so forth. 

Marbled Eggs Recipe
Wilton Gel Food Colouring

Boil the eggs in boiling water for 10 minutes or till firm. 
Scoop a small amount of gel food colouring and place it into a ziplock bag.

Add a teaspoon of water into the bag.

Mix well. 

My 3 sachets of coloured water.

Once eggs are cooked, remove from hot water and rinse twice with cold/cool/room temperature water to allow eggs to be cool to the touch. Dry the surface of the eggs.

Gently crack the egg shells. Be careful not to make a slit too big as too much food colouring will enter and colour the egg. I realised that 'punching' the egg with my finger helps create a deeper 'hole' with a clean pattern.

Add the egg into the coloured liquid. 

Roll the egg in the liquid to allow all the liquid to reach all parts of the egg. 

Set eggs aside for 30 minutes to allow colour to set in. You may 'flip' the egg to the other side to allow the liquids to reach the other side of the egg. 

Using a pair of gloves, remove the shells of the egg and set on a wire rack. Pour 1-2 tablespoon of vinegar on the egg to allow colour to set in. Leave to dry or pat dry with kitchen towel. 

So, these Marbled Eggs are just so simple and yet fun to make! The only part that requires some care is the cracking of the egg shells. Nevertheless, this is a sure hit with young and old alike! (: Have fun! 

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