Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Food Review: The Rice Table at International Building

Boasting an array of 14 buffet items on the lunch menu as well 19 items on the dinner menu, The Rice Table located in International Building (Between Thai Embassy & Isetan Scotts) is my favourite place for a good Indonesian Buffet. Being an ala-carte buffet, it's conducive for gatherings and get-togethers as opposed to buffet line buffets. This is one of the places I love to gather with good friends and even my mum whenever I have a craving for their Indonesian food, which is quite often! Some time ago, I gathered there with Sandra and Esther for a lazy afternoon lunch! Just thinking of the food as I blog this entry makes me salivate!

Here are the details of the opening hours and address. I'd recommend making reservations even if it's for lunch as the place can get quite packed with people at times! 

The lunch buffet consists of 14 dishes at a price of $17.90 nett excluding drinks. 

The dinner buffet consists of 19 dishes at a price of $17.90 nett excluding drinks. 

Here's the drinks menu. The juices used to be a flat rate of $3.50 and drinks were refillable. However, that's been removed some time ago. Nevertheless, the sour plum drink is really good. They do serve Chendols too. 

Click on the link for more images of the good food! 

Otak/Otar: Pretty good with rice. Not too spicy! 

Tauhu Telor: one of my absolute favourite! The entire dish is just to die for!

Sambal Kangkong: this is my favourite dish here cooked to the right texture. :)

Grilled chicken: not my cup of tea but Sandra absolutely loved this!

Curry chicken: not my favourite but Esther liked it (:

Ladyfinger in Bean Sauce: decent!

Curry Vegetable: Soft and tasty!

Curried Tofu: Mediocre. 

Beef Rendang: One of my favourites here. The meat is just so tender and flavourful!

Pickled Cucumbers: Refreshing!

Indonesian Fruit Salad: Refreshing! I simply love the orange in this dish! 

Sweet and Sour Fish: Pretty good! Fish is light and fluffy coated with a crunchy layer of batter!

Chicken Satay: I simply love this to the core. I can eat loads and loads of these chicken skewers. The deep-fried shallots complements the dish really well.

Not in this picture is the Chicken Soup which I don't fancy. However, Esther did love it and even went for seconds! 

So, I'd give this place a 4/5 stars as I'm a huge fan of their food even though I don't like all the dishes. The dim atmosphere is great for a relaxing lunch or even romantic dinner with your loved one. Do try their buffet sometime soon! I'm gonna gather more friends to head there soon cos' I'm simply craving for their food again! 


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