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Billy & Cynthia POST 8: Pre-wedding Photoshoot

So, we did our pre-wedding photoshoot on the 4th of March. It was raining the week before and was predicted to rain the week following the photoshoot. We were indeed blessed with the awesome non-humid weather. We started off really early in the morning at 9am. We were really blessed to have my MOH, Esther come along for the photoshoot to give us a helping hand! 

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The fav boy and I met at 8.15am for breakfast at the coffeeshop near the bridal studio. Pretty thankful for the availability of food near us! 

We had a nice heavy breakfast for fear that lunch would be an issue even though we had Esther help us pack some lunch from the same bus stop. Here's me with the balloon bouquet I made. Most couples would go for a particular theme but I guess our theme is yet decided but yet we're just grabbing colours that we fancy along the way! 

I really love the balloon bouquet as it's such a bright cheery wand! (:

We were filled with expectations and were delighted to be finally doing our photoshoot. As some may know, we're tying the knot in Jan 2014 but we've decided to do our photoshoot at an earlier date for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that we wanted to get it settled as soon as we could so that it'd not be rushed towards the end. After all, we have more than a year to plan around with in. 

Helen was my make-up artist (MUA) and she did a lovely job of dolling me up. I'm pretty thankful that the falsies she had on my eyes didn't feel unnatural as I'm used to having falsies on my eyes even though mine are usually more natural. We were encouraged to apply ampoules to let the makeup stay on for a long duration. We each had one applied on our face and they cost us $25 each. The falsies are usually $25 but they're free for the photoshoot. I have on me 2 pairs of falsies. 

The falsies really did a great job of opening my eyes. 

Helen did 3 hair-dos for me: 1 with my AD gown, 1 with my AD EG and one more for my outdoor photoshoot. This was the lovely hairdo she did on my hair. She also used hair extensions to give my hair volume and length. 

She also gave me a partial smokey eye look which I love. 

The makeup took about 2 hours in all and we started off with our indoor photoshoot. Caesar was our photographer (PG). I had a really tough time indoors during the photoshoot as I'm not one who'd usually be all girly and act cute and he wanted me to pose all on my own. I had a really tough time but I'm thankful that the fav boy supported me in many ways during the indoor shoot. We did photos with the plain white backdrop, a yellow backdrop and one next to a classy set of windows. 

I then changed a hairstyle and changed into my AD EG for the second half of the indoor shoot. 

After the previous uncertainties of not being able to have Esther come along to help us, we finally negotiated for Esther to tag along. We topped up $100 excluding carpark charges/ERP to take their car. In total, there was us, Esther, our PG and another uncle/helper/driver. 

We were only done by 1pm, had our lunch and headed outdoors.

Our first stop was at the Esplanade. This site is significant to us, in particular the bus stop as that's where Mr Chu asked me to be his girlfriend. Yes, you got me right, he asked me to be his girlfriend at a BUS STOP. Ha! Of course I said no and dragged him inside to a more romantic venue (:

That aside, we had some shots taken of the city view, some shots taken in the rooftop garden and definitely the bus stop. Here are some shots we sneaked in between! On a side note, I'm really thankful that the shoot got better as I felt more comfortable outdoors. I remember how Caesar chided me for being so tensed up indoors and relatively more at ease outdoors!

My lovely MOH Esther! Thank you for loving us! (:

Here's a sneak shot of Mr Chu having to drag my pink polka dotted luggage bag and red helium balloons while I trotted at the back with my wedding gown! 

We did one of those transition shots on the escalator with Mr Chu lugging my pink polka dotted luggage bag and our bunch of red helium balloons that dearest Bryna, our cell group leader and wedding planner got for us! She even delivered some really nice cold cups of KOI bubble tea for us! It sure was a luxury to be fed by my loved ones! (:

Us in the carpark! (:

We then adjourned to an additional venue behind Hort Park where there was a lovely swing and an awesome patch of grassland. Here are some shots we took in the car!

The fav boy looks EXTREMELY young in this pic! 

After the shoot in the area behind Hort Park, we changed in the toilet in Hort Park and freshened up. Biore Powder Wipes are like a God-send. Oh yes, so are cans of ice-cold 100plus! 

Here's couple more shots of us in the car after our change.

We did some shots in Sentosa's old Tourism Academy where the fav boy did his diploma back in Poly. We also did some shots by the beach and the we sure enjoyed the breeze by the sea! 

For our wrap up shot, Caesar and the uncle suggested a great spot at the back of Tanjong Rhu where we'd get a great view of the city's skyline. I'm so glad we made this decision as opposed to just Gardens by the Bay as we were blown away by the place.

This was our very view when we got there.

The view was simply breathtaking. We were just taken aback by the view and the peace we got when we were there. Here are some shots that we took while waiting or the sky to get dark for our sparklers night shot after we took our sunset shots.

I love my EG here for the outdoor shoot!

Love the eyes!

Shot of me and Esther! (:

I was really enjoying the scenery and the peace while we waited. It was truly a day of blessings and definitely God's grace as we had the perfect fluffy clouds, awesome natural light, the lack of rain, and the best of all, the lack of humidity in the air which made our shoot so easy and fun. Many would often say that the photoshoot is really tiring but for us, it wasn't the least bit tiring. In fact, we were very energised and thankful for every blessing we had during the shoot.

Even Caesar and the uncle were amazed by the beauty of the evening sky as they mentioned that it was a rarity that the sky was this beautiful without it having rained earlier on in the day. Such beautiful sunsets are usually seen only after a thunderstorm. We were indeed blessed.

Enjoy the view we had that evening! I'd definitely recommend this location for an evening shoot. 

Breathtaking isn't it? (: 

We then did our sparklers night shot and headed back to the bridal studio whereby we removed my accessories, hair extensions and changed back to our comfort wear. We then headed to the same coffeeshop nearby to have an awesome Zi Char dinner! 

The entire shoot was indeed fun and by God's grace, we were really blessed with the best weather and spirits ever for the shoot. 

The only set back was the removal of hair spray and makeup when I got home at night! It took me 4 washes, 5 times of hair conditioning, 10 cotton pads soaked with make-up remover before I was squeaky clean! The fav boy used baby oil to remove his makeup as though he was removing camo in the army! 

In all, Caesar's a pretty great photog even though we started off with a bad start in the morning during the indoor photoshoot. Nevertheless, we're really excited to see our photographs as we select them this Saturday evening. Will update again then! We'll do our very best to stick to selecting only 35 photos for our album! (: 

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  1. Hi, may i know what kind of bad start you have with Caesar? Because I am very unhappy with his attitude from indoor to outdoor.. He is insulting and shouting at us through out the whole photoshoot from morning till evening.. I am very upset with his service. do you mind to share some of your wedding pics with me? I wanna see his photography skills... I am very worried... Thanks... :-)

    1. Hello!

      The bad start was him scolding me countless times and sort of giving me an 'attitude' as I wasn't able to pose the way he wanted me to. He didn't shout at us though.. just raised his voice at me..

      Maybe you can email me your mobile number so I can add show you the photos I took? His photos are decent but I had another whole series of issues with the BS.. Email me and let me add you to this group chat I have with 4 other Seletar Brides okay?


  2. Hi Cynthia,

    can u give me your email address?
    thanks. :-)

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    I just sent you my mobile number via email, please check..
    Hope to hear from you soon! :-)

  4. Hello Cynthia,

    I am thinking of signing on a package with SB. Chanced upon a really good deal from this BTB who had to sell her package. The price and the package itself was a really good deal so I am quite keen on taking it up. However, decided to do some research first before committing. Feel like there are very mixed reviews about SB... Ultimately, the photos and all seem to turn out good but the process seems to have been somewhat of a nightmare for many.

    Would love to know what you think? If the price and package is good enough, is the experience worth it? :)

    You can email me at

    Thanks babe!

    1. Hello dear,

      Please don't sign up with them. Not exactly the best choice around.


    2. Hi, i agree with you . As they are quite pushy with their sales during photo selection & request for immediate payment for the extra photos that has been choosen. So many hidden charges .... you were quite lucky to get your fake eyelashes for free .... helen charge me 80++ for me & my htb amp~lashes

  5. Hi Cynthia

    Nice photo of the SG City you have there.
    Is this the place at the Marina Gold Course ? We can drive in ?


    1. hello! it's the area behind tanjong rhu! (: can drive in!

  6. Hi Cynthia,
    I had signed with SB and from review that Helen is good makeup artist. But I went for the trial makeup and feel that she don't really listen to my opinion and the style of makeup isn't that satisfying. Can you share with me your experience with Helen. Thanks.

    1. Hello,

      I enjoyed my experience with Helen very much. In fact, her hands were pretty magical in my opinion


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