Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend of whirlwind emotions

This weekend has really been one of whirlwind emotions. That kinda explains why I look really pale this weekend. In fact, the entire week has been a whole mess for me. 2 deaths and the hospitalisation of a loved one. I'm drained. It has really gotten me thinking... ): Not a good thing since I have a rather fertile imagination and the tendency for it to go wild is pretty high. 

I have since learnt this weekend that family is more important than anything

Despite all the sad stuff, I got to see my wedding band on Friday. We picked a nice band of diamonds to complement my engagement ring (: 

I cooked dinner on Saturday night as I was too tired to head out. I just needed time to do things that I liked to get things off my head. I prepared Mango Salsa, Baked Tuna Pasta and Mushroom Soup. 

I also baked some Ombre Stacks on Sunday morning after a failed attempt to get out of bed. I guess I just need rest. Loads and loads of rest.

Mummy and I then headed out for late lunch/early dinner and we had Claypot Rice in this coffeeshop at Serangoon Avenue 2. Most hawkers do not bother cooking Claypot Rice from scratch but this owner does. The 15 minutes we spent waiting was well worth the time waiting. 

We then headed to Nex whereby there was a Gundam Expo. The fav boy would love it.. it's a pity he's in Hong Kong and will only be back on Tuesday. There's a typhoon that's happening in Hong Kong right now.. If you're reading, please help me pray for Billy and his parents as they're in Hong Kong right now. I really can't express how much is going through my mind worrying when it's been running faster than it's usual speed this week. I'm hoping too that there will not be any delays to their flight on Tuesday and that they will have a safe journey. If you're praying for us/with us, THANK YOU. 

Amyway, Billy's such a fan of Gundams and it's made me love them too. I love those with wings, the more 'separated' they are, the more I like them. 

It's time to head back to school tomorrow. I feel like I have yet to recharge but I can only look forward to next Saturday when Billy and I head to JB to have our wedding invites printed. PSLE English and Mathematics paper on Thursday and Friday... less teaching periods. That makes me fear that I cannot get my syllabus completed in time! Gosh... just 9 more weeks to the end of semester with more interruptions coming up! Oh dear!

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