Thursday, May 1, 2014

Strawberry Jelly Hearts

Strawberry Jelly Hearts. This has been so highly requested since I've been playing with cheesecakes a lot of late. I've decided to give the recipe from Story of Bing a try but I've made quite a number of modifications to suit what I feel works best based on the cheesecakes I've made so far..

The recipe is about 3 out of 5 in terms of difficulty and it takes about 2 hours in all to complete. Please do follow the steps exactly as any changes may result in an unsuccessful attempt of the recipe.

Strawberry Jelly Hearts Recipe

This recipe yields about 18 slices of cake based on a 14" by 9" dish

300g digestive biscuit
120g unsalted butter

500g cream cheese (room temperature)
135g castor sugar
295ml water
1.5 tbsp gelatin
1 tbsp vanilla bean paste
8 - 10 strawberries 

150g Jello-O (Strawberry flavour)
350ml hot water
350ml cold water

Click here for the video tutorial! 

13 September 2014, Updating with a pictorial guide! (:
Melt the butter... I did so over the stove here.. You can also use the microwave oven like in the video.

Weigh your digestive biscuits.

Line your dish/container.

Blitz the digestive biscuits. You can do so in a ziplock bag, smashing biscuits with a heavy object or in a food processor.

Add in melted butter.

Mix well. You should get a sandy mixture.

Spread mixture evenly in dish. 

Compact the mixture with the back of a spoon/ladle.

Well compacted! This must be done right.. else your cheesecake base will fall apart. Set the base in the freezer while cheesecake mixture is being prepared.

Choose your strawberries. They should be about the same size to look good together (: 

Halve the strawberry and cut a triangle at the top. (Refer to video for steps)

To the cream cheese, add the castor sugar.

Dissolve the gelatin through boiling on low heat or dissolve it using the microwave oven (details in video).

Cream the cream cheese and sugar till creamy and smooth.

Add 1/3 of the gelatin mixture that has been cooled down to room temperature.

Mix well on low speed.

Add in remaining gelatin mixture and vanilla bean paste.

Mix well on low speed till well combined. Alternatively, use your spatula to do the mixing... This prevents too many bubbles from forming in the mixture.

Remove base from freezer and pour in mixture. Freeze in freezer for about 8 minutes, no more than that. 

Remove from freezer and gently place the strawberries into the mixture. It should be 1/2 submerged. 

Allow cheesecake to set in freezer for 40 minutes.

Dissolve jello into the hot water. 

Add in cold water and allow mixture to cool down completely.

Remove cheesecake from freezer.

With the use of a ladle, gently spoon the jello onto the cheesecake. (Refer to video) Return cheesecake to freezer for another 20-30 minutes or till cheesecake and jello has set. 

Slice and serve! (: [Refer to video]

Have fun! (: 


  1. Hi
    If I wan to make this in small cups which juz nice fits a strawberry. How long shd I freeze?


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