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Billy & Cynthia: Getting pampered at Nail Alcove

You know how it's almost mandatory for all brides to be to have their nails done in anticipation of their big day? Most brides I know of have their nails coloured in the prettiest colours and even donned with loads of bling and such for their big day! 

If you know me, you'd know that I'm a huge fan of heading to JB to have my nails done. However, as the wedding date drew near, it really isn't wise to travel all the way to JB to have my nails done when I can get it done for almost the same price here in Singapore. Yes, you got me right! An affordable nail salon right here in Singapore! This nail salon and the wonderful people at NAIL ALCOVE gave me pretty nails for my wedding at a fraction of the price we usually pay in Singapore and they even pampered the hubby too! 

YES YOU HEARD ME. Men can get their nails done too! Many man feel that it's so 'gayish' to have their nails done... but in my opinion, men should have their hands and feet pampered and treated too! After all, cleaned and cuticle free nails are so awesome aren't they? (: They don't have to be coloured... (Though my BIL had his coloured in such awesome fashion!) men's nails just should be cleaned and polished like us women's nails too! 

So just 3 days before the wedding, amidst all our busy wedding prep (trust me, you'll be INSANELY busy the few days leading to your wedding), we took the evening off to have your nails prepped and ready for our big day. 

My mil, aunties and BIL went in the afternoon to have their nails done... I told them to have fun and snap some photos for me..... and truly, they did!

The place was really lovely, and cosy! Something I really appreciate in a nail salon. After all, you spend 1 - 2 hours there at a go if you  are gonna get completely pampered!

My MIL and aunties sure had a great time.....

Even my BIL had fun too! XD

My MIL, Aunties and their lovely manicurist Chloe.

Nail Alcove is sure a lovely place for girly nail sessions with friends and sisters.. which reminds me of the days I used to have girly nail sessions with Esther and Sarah! 

My MIL, aunties and BIL were done by evening time and we popped by around 7pm for our appointment. 

On my way to meet my hubby!

The entrance! 

Beautiful array of nail polishes. 

A happy man!

A happy me!

Another happy me!

They had loads of pretty magazines for reference.. but there's this one particular manicurist Chloe who has amazing freehand skills..let me show you why in a while!

Love the simple yet classy set-up!

Very comfortably enjoying my treat!

Hubby's enjoying himself too!

Hurhur! Who says men can't have clean and pampered feet too?

We had good fun!

I had a luxurious classic manicure and boy do I love getting my cuticles cleaned. It's like my FAVOURITE part of a nail treat! I also LOVE my bling nails done the gelish way so that it would last.

For the hubby, he had a classic pedicure with nail shaping, cuticle care, scrubbing of callus and a soothing massage. For an additional 20 bucks, one can enjoy the spa pedicure he had with upgraded products that moisturised his feet A LOT! Another additional 10 bucks would get you a Cuccio fizzy tablet that made so many bubbles to moisturise the feet! A special callus remover (A MUST cos don't we all have terrible dead skin on our feet?) to soften the dead skin prior to callus removal. He was then pampered with a wild thyme foot scrub to relieve his overwork feet. He then had it massaged and cling wrapped for a good 10 minutes to reap the benefit of the moisturiser! 

I had the same thing but I used a lavender scrub instead of his wild thyme scrub! Of course, I had it daintily dolled up with a lovely french nail art! And all these luxury for my foot would only cost $71! $38 (classic pedicure) + $20 (spa) + $10 (scrub) + $8 (french tips). For men, a top up of 5 bucks is required. After all, so much more work for a man right? (: 

My happy man!

Love my nails! 

After the nail treat, the hubby had his Bachelor's Night and this amusing image was sent to me, courtesy of the brothers! (: 

That aside, my family and I are now HUGE fans of Nails Alcove. My MIL and her friends have gone back countless times to have their nails done. I've also gone down a couple of times to get my nails pampered. Here are some of the lovely works! 

And my BIL is insanely in LOVE with manis too!

If you're a fan of hand painted designs, approach Chloe! She's amazing at these nail arts!

And here's my AH FATT for CNY! (:

Amazing works isn't it? And being conveniently located a few minutes away from Chinatown MRT, it's so accessible. It's also one of those really comfy nail salons to spend some quiet "me-time" in.. Here's how you can contact them! 

Check out their facebook page here
And their contact number is 6226 6278 and they're located at 59A Temple Street. Open all days of a week, they're the best place to get your nail fix! (: So wait no longer!

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